Penn National Gaming and NASCAR will be offering a new app, "NASCAR Finish Line".

  • The partnership centers around the free to play app, NASCAR Finish Line.
  • The mobile game will be available before the start of the DAYTONA 500.
  • Penn National Gaming will also help promote NASCAR on its sports betting app.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.NASCAR announced on Friday that they have entered a new gaming partnership with Penn National Gaming.

The deal looks to be mutually beneficial for both parties and will work to help promote betting on NASCAR around the country.

Penn National Gaming Lending A Hand

The crux of the partnership between Penn National Gaming and NASCAR is based around a free to play app. NASCAR is releasing a new app named NASCAR Finish Line. This app allows players to predict the winner before each NASCAR race.

The more accurate the players predictions, the more money they could potentially win. With every race, a $50,000 jackpot is available. The app is set to release before the DAYTONA 500.

The free to play app is not the only aspect of this new partnership. Penn National Gaming is operating many legal sports betting operations around the country. This partnership with NASCAR allows Penn National Gaming the ability to promote NASCAR races and bets on their sportsbooks.

“We’re thrilled to have Penn National on board as our first authorized gaming operator to strengthen our effort to increase fan engagement with a platform perfect for in-play experience,” said * Craig Neeb, Executive Vice President, Innovation at NASCAR.


“Coupled with our landmark deal with Genius Sports in 2019, this partnership also positions NASCAR to take advantage of the rapid expansion of legalized sports betting across the country.”

Like all the other sports leagues, NASCAR wants as many people to be engaged with the races as possible. That is why NASCAR has partnered with Penn National Gaming and Genius Sports. Those who bet on NASCAR will be more likely to tune into the races.

NASCAR is not the only company to partner with Penn National Gaming in recent weeks. Penn National has also acquired Barstool Sports as well. Through Barstool sports, the potential to further promote their partnership with NASCAR is available.

Even if that is not the case, Penn National Gaming is surely going to promote NASCAR races on their sportsbook platforms. The first step for them is to help promote the NASCAR Finish Line App. The app will release before the DAYTONA 500, which takes place on Sunday, February 16.

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