• NBC Sports Philadelphia will engage Pennsylvania sports bettors with live news and information.
  • The Daily Line crew will head up the coverage broadcast.
  • This will be the first betting analysis program broadcasted synonymously with a sporting event.

PHILADELPHIA – Fans of the Philadelphia 76ers will be in for a treat on Wednesday, as viewers of NBC Sports Philadelphia+ will be introduced to an alternative broadcast – one based solely around legal sports betting.

With analysis in real time, The Daily Line team of Farzetta, Gargano, and Feinber will not only detail betting lines and changing odds but will discuss betting strategies as well.

The broadcast will feature the same televised feed you would see presented on NBC Sports Philadelphia, just with the audio tailored to the Pennsylvania sports bettors.

“We are thrilled to be the first to provide this betting-focused programming and analysis, with a format that is relevant to everyone, from those just learning to advanced bettors,” said Brian Monihan, President of NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Monihan has helped the station with the launching of multiple Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers pregame programs but this broadcast is focused slightly different.

“This simulcast continues our commitment to engage our fans in new and exciting ways,” said Monihan.

The Daily Line crew will help those who are unsure of how to engage in live betting and the basics of sports betting in general. How gameplay impacts wagers will be an important topic on the show, as live in-play betting is becoming one of the favored methods to gamble.

In fact, it is believed that roughly 70% of all betting in Europe is done so through live betting and the United States is gearing for that change as well

On-screen graphics that include definitions of sports betting terms as well as betting lines will constantly be displayed on the telecast.

A similar broadcast was tested by NBC Sports Washington for 8 of the Washington Wizard’s games. Their coverage, though, was organized to be more of a prop and live betting game rather than coverage of topics and discussions of legal sports betting. Players of the contest entitled “Predict The Game” were subject to a few dozen questions, where the top scorer would take home cash or prizes.

The 76ers take on the Hawks in Atlanta at 7:30 on Wednesday.

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