Georgia Senate Chamber

  • Senate Bill 386 was proposed in Georgia on Tuesday to legalize GA-regulated sportsbooks.
  • The bill advanced to the Economic Development and Tourism Committee but is still a long way away from passing.

ATLANTA – A new sports betting law in Georgia was proposed on January 24, with the first readers in the GA State Senate referring it to the Economic Development and Tourism Senate Committee.

This new Georgia sports betting bill, Senate Bill 386, would add GA-taxed online, mobile, and in-person sportsbooks to the market.

What To Know About Senate Bill 386

There are multiple important things to know about the new bill and if it could add Georgia to the list of states with sports betting sites that are taxed:

  • SB 386 is a new bill and separate from SB 172. Senate Bill 172 advanced to the debate stage a few weeks ago and is considerably further along in the legislative process.
  • To make GA-based online and in-person sportsbooks legal, SB 386 is attempting to amend Title 50 of the Official Code of Georgia. It would also amend Article 2 of Chapter 12 from Title 16.
  • The new bill would only add a GA-regulated sports betting market. This does not include any online casino, poker, or blackjack legislation.

What Would Senate Bill 386 Passing Mean In Georgia

There are no indications right now if Senate Bill 386 will pass in Georgia, but if it does, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding legal sports betting in the state.

The most important factor to note is that SB 386 would not affect sportsbooks like Bovada or BetOnline, as those sites are governed by any legislation in Georgia and are already legal.

Secondly, GA-regulated sportsbook sites and apps would likely not launch for at least six months after the laws are passed. That’s due to the formation of new committees, the creation of sports betting restrictions, and the vetting of sportsbook operator applications.

Finally, there is no reason for the addition of possible Georgia-taxed betting sites like FanDuel and DraftKings to negatively affect the market for GA sports betting.

Those sites have their strengths and weaknesses and would create even more competitive odds and opportunities for those who join sports betting sites in Georgia.

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