New Seabrook Park is wanting to become one of the 10 sportsbook license holders in New Hampshire.

  • There can only be 10 land-based sportsbooks in New Hampshire.
  • NH HB 480 is what allowed sports betting to become legal in the state.
  • New Hampshire sportsbooks are expected to open sometime in 2020.

SEABROOK, N.H. – The New Seabrook Park has expressed interest in creating their own sportsbook in New Hampshire. Selectman from the city approved the bid to ask locals to vote for this new sportsbook.

NH HB 480 is the bill that legalized sports betting and there is a long process that needs to take place before New Hampshire sports betting can happen.

First of all, interested gaming facilities need to appeal to the local government. They need to convince their local government to allow residents to vote on their bid. This first step has been cleared by The New Seabrook.

It is a competitive process to open a sportsbook in New Hampshire. There are only 10 sportsbook licenses available in the state. With most other states, the state would already have a list of locations where a sportsbook can open. In New Hampshire, gambling facilities have to bid for one of these licenses.

On March 10, 2020, the casino needs to appeal to the voters in Seabrook. It is ultimately up to the voters to decide whether or not to allow a sportsbook to open. Only after the locals vote on the measure, legal sports betting in New Hampshire can happen in their jurisdiction.

Although unlikely, it is possible that all proposed sportsbooks can be completely shut down. But that is only with retail sportsbooks.

There are only five online sportsbook licenses available in New Hampshire. That being said, if an online sportsbook opens in the state, anyone in the state can use it. Online sportsbooks that offer legal sports betting will not be restricted to certain cities or towns. The only restriction is that you cannot leave state borders to make a bet, per federal regulations.

It is a competitive process to open a sportsbook in New Hampshire. Due to that, opening a retail sportsbook is taking some time. The first New Hampshire sportsbook is expected to open sometime in early 2020.

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