New York Online Sports Betting

  • New York mobile sports betting brought in over a $6 billion handle.
  • New York reported $12.8 million in revenue.

NEW YORK – New York expanded its sports betting industry in January 2022 by allowing mobile and online sports betting throughout the state. With the expansion, the last four months of mobile sports betting have brought in a whopping $6.27 billion online betting handle.

In each of the first four months of servicing online sports betting in New York, the handle has grown to over $1 billion.

It has been one of the fastest-growing sports betting markets having posted around a $300 million betting handle in each of their last five weeks.

Leading the way with the highest betting handles are FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, and BetMGM. Each of which posted over $500 million betting handles in the first four months.

FanDuel led the way with $2.3 billion and is being followed by DraftKings ($1.5 billion) and Caesars ($1.4 billion). BetMGM had the lowest handle of the top four at $556.2 million.

Revenue Numbers

Of the $6.27 billion handle that New York legal online sports betting brought in, they totaled $425.1 million in revenue on it.

In total since its launch, FanDuel has led the way bringing in the majority of the revenue with $174.4 million in total and is coming off of a $9.4 million revenue week.

The next closest is Caesars who brought in $111.9 million in revenue, however, the first week of May saw DraftKings post higher revenue numbers than them at $1.4 million compared to $1.3 million.

All in all, New York is sure to continue on this path as its online sports betting market continues to grow.

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