Sarah Thomas

  • History will be made on Sunday when three women will be taking part in working positions with the NFL during the Washington vs. Cleveland game.
  • The Cleveland Browns are slated to win with odds of -320 while the Washington Football Team has been given odds of +260 to pull out a victory.

CLEVELANDSunday will mark a historical day for women in sports and more specifically in the NFL.

Three women will be gracing the field at FirstEnergy Stadium when the Cleveland Browns host the Washington Football team. Two female coaches will be on the sidelines, one for each team, and a female official will be working to call the game.

While the official, Sarah Thomas, has been working in this position for five years, it’s a momentous occasion for the coaching aspect of the National Football League because women are now part of the equation.

Sunday’s Lineup

Jennifer King will be on the sidelines for Washington as part of the coaching staff. King is in her first season as a full-time intern for the team.

Not only is King making headlines for being a female in a male dominated sport, especially for coaching, but she is also the only African American woman to be in this position, making history for both women and the African American community.

“Representation is so important,” said King. “I was in New York, and I saw a billboard, it said essentially ‘be what you didn’t have’ and I think that’s kind of what I’m doing right now.”

Callie Brownson is serving as chief of staff for Cleveland head coach Kevin Stefanski for the first time in her career.

Anyone that needs to get to Stefanski for anything has to go through Brownson to do so.

She plays a pivotal role in the coaching that happens with the Washington Football Team and is clearing the path for women everywhere by reaching the position that she has within the NFL.

The last woman that will be part of the game on Sunday is Sarah Thomas. Thomas made headlines in 2015 as the first female official for the National Football League.

Originally, she worked postseason games for the league but is now part of the regular season. She has already officiated in 2020 but this will be the first time that she will be on a field where a woman will be part of the coaching staff on either sideline.

The Future Is Female In The NFL

If NFL fans or anyone part of the organization was told 20 years ago that women would be coaches and officials for the game, they likely would have dismissed the thought.

Football has always been known to be a male sport.

With these three women being able to work in such high positions in a male-dominated field is something to be celebrated. They are literally history in the making and definitely help to make the well-known slogan of “The Future is Female” ring true, at least where the game of pro football is concerned.

The event that will be etched in history forever begins at 1:00 p.m. EST when the Washington Football Team (1-1) will take on the Cleveland Browns (1-1) in Cleveland.

The FOX network will be airing the game as the Browns are the heavy favorite to win by sportsbooks with odds of -320, while Washington will be entering the game with odds of +260.

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