NFL prop bets are available on online sportsbooks.

  • The 2020 NFL regular season, as well as NFL offseason events, are expected to stay on schedule.
  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has not expressed a desire to postpone the season yet.
  • There are many NFL prop bets keeping bettors entertained while they await a final decision.

LAS VEGAS — With the coronavirus pandemic still going on, the NFL has made no changes to their offseason plans as well as the regular season just yet. Commissioner, Roger Goodell plans to move forward with the season as normal.

With the NFL season going forward, NFL prop bets have kept on coming. They are what is keeping sports bettors entertained through this sports drought. Hundreds of options include odds for end of season awards, which teams will make the playoffs, and individual player stats have crowded online sportsbooks.

The Show Must Go On

Despite all of the postponements and cancelations to sports around the world, the NFL has not yet joined the list of leagues to go on hiatus. Starting with the NFL Draft, the event is set to go on as planned from April 23-25.

“Everyone recognizes that public health conditions are highly uncertain and there is no assurance that we can select a different date and be confident that conditions will be significantly more favorable than they are today,” said Goodell in a memo to the league.

Even though the date is still set in stone for the Draft, the actual plans could shift to ensure safety measures. These measures might be no fans in attendance and even go as far as there being no in-person draft and have teams draft players via a phone call or video chat.

Despite whatever measures the NFL plans to take, online sportsbooks have already decided to accept dozens of prop bets on the NFL Draft alone.

NFL Prop Bets

There are many different prop bets for bettors to pay attention to. There are six season award prop bets such as “who will win the MVP?” where Patrick Mahomes is the favorite, and “who will win the offensive rookie of the year?” where Joe Burrow is favored.

There are also prop bets for different player statistics throughout the season. There are bets for how well Tom Brady will perform in Tampa Bay or how DeAndre Hopkins will thrive in Arizona. As for the Tom Brady bets, bettors can bet on how many yards, interceptions and touchdowns he will throw for. As for Hopkins, bettors can put action on how many yards and touchdowns he will go for.

The last type of legal sports betting options are team prop bets on whether or not a team will make the playoffs or not. These bets could shift throughout the offseason as more and more free agent and trade transactions occur.

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