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  • There are seven games in Week 13 listed with a spread of at least seven points.
  • Three of those seven games have spreads that reach double digits.

LAS VEGAS – Week 13 of the NFL season is expected to have many games that result in blowouts as nearly half of the games have spreads listed at seven or more points.

Teams Favored Between 7-10 Points

The 1 p.m. EST games on Sunday are the home games expected to see large scoring differentials. Of the seven games beginning in the early window, five have teams favored by a touchdown or more on legal sports betting sites.

Cardinals vs Bears Spread Odds

  • Arizona Cardinals -7.0 -115
  • Chicago Bears +7.0 -105

Despite being on the road, the shading is in Arizona’s direction to see their spread increase to 7.5 points. The other teams remain with standard odds on their one-possession+ advantage.

Large Spreads Early Window Games

  • Indianapolis Colts -8.5 vs. Houston Texans
  • Minnesota Vikings -7.0 vs Detroit Lions
  • Philadelphia Eagles -7.0 vs New York Jets +7.0 -110

Teams Favored By 10+ Points

Even with all the games that show a team favored by a touchdown or more, there are more that are double-digit favorites in Week 13. Those betting on the NFL should know that teams favored by 10.0 or more points have an 11-12-1 record this season.

Buccaneers vs Falcons Spread Odds

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -11.5 -110
  • Atlanta Falcons +11.5 -110

The Bucs finish off the large early spread; however, the afternoon games are involved as well.

Large Spreads Late Window Games

  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Los Angeles Rams -13
  • Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs -10.0

There’s slight shading in the favor of Jacksonville, but don’t expect the line to fall any shorter than 12.5 points barring an injury.

This makes seven of the 14 games on the NFL Week 13 schedule having a spread of a touchdown or more. Combined, it projects to be the most lopsided week of games this season.

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