NHL training camp

  • After four months, the NHL is allowing 24 teams to return to training camp on July 10.
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins (-210) are the strongest favorite in their opening series over the Montreal Canadiens, who have +175 odds.

NEW YORK – NHL team training camps have been approved to resume practices starting on July 10 for the Stanley Cup qualifiers.

Phase 3 of the NHL’s plan to get teams back onto the ice is the start of training camps, while Phase 4 will be when games can officially begin and pucks will go flying.

Only 24 teams in the NHL will be participating in the qualifiers with the ultimate goal being the Stanley Cup Final. The qualifying games will see 16 of the 24 teams go head to head for eight separate best of five series style games.

There will also be a round-robin for the top four teams in each conference to decide seed levels for the Stanley Cup.

Series betting odds for the NHL Playoffs don’t offer much of a payout; however, the favored odds are not too expensive either.

NHL Qualifying Games Betting Odds – Series Price

  • Arizona Coyotes (+115) vs. Nashville Predators (-135)
  • Chicago Blackhawks (+130) vs. Edmonton Oilers (-150)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets (+140) vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (-160)
  • Florida Panthers (EVEN) vs. New York Islanders (-120)
  • Minnesota Wild (+110) vs. Vancouver Canucks (-130)
  • Montreal Canadiens (+175) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (-210)
  • New York Rangers (+120) vs. Carolina Hurricanes (-140)
  • Winnipeg Jets (+105) vs. Calgary Flames (-125)

Practices can begin for the 12 Western Conference teams and the 12 Eastern Conference teams on July 10 through the Return to Play Plan that was put into motion on May 26.

Dates for the games have not yet been determined and the cities where the events will take place have not been disclosed either. Games will be held in only two cities to continue to move cautiously with COVID-19 guidelines.

All matchups will be set behind closed doors to follow the same safety precautions for both the fans and the athletes.

There were seven NHL teams that were left out, essentially finishing their seasons in March when playing was suspended due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

NHL Teams Missing The Qualifier

  • Buffalo Sabres (30-31-8)
  • New Jersey Devils (28-29-12)
  • Anaheim Ducks (29-33-9)
  • Los Angeles Kings (29-35-6)
  • San Jose Sharks (29-36-5)
  • Ottawa Senators (25-34-12)
  • Detroit Red Wings (17-49-5).

Although no date has been determined, a domino effect of series’ will be played among the 24 teams and the 2020 Stanley Cup will go on.

Fans may not be able to attend the matches but the clashes on the ice, pucks to the mouth, and hip checks will all come back to be enjoyed. When the NHL playoffs series begin, sports bettors will waste no time hitting the local legal sportsbooks to win some money.

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