Peter Foster

  • Peter Foster, who is a known career criminal, has been arrested after being located by authorities for an alleged sports betting scam.
  • He is expected to face multiple fraud charges mainly stemming from a scam on a businessman in Asia who hired a private investigator to trail Foster.
  • Foster is still in police custody and will have an extradition hearing on Friday.

PORT DOUGLAS, Australia – The infamous conman, Peter Foster, was arrested for an alleged multimillion-dollar international sports betting scam in Queensland on Thursday.

The 57-year old career criminal who has been arrested in four different countries was put in handcuffs while walking on the beach in Port Douglas.

Foster is expected to be charged with multiple fraud-related offenses that center around claims from a company called Sports Prediction that alleges there was money delivered to him from bets he did not place.

The police had been watching Foster’s whereabouts along with private instigator and chairman of IFW Global, Ken Gamble, for a month.

The investigation from IFW Global began earlier this year when Gamble said was alerted about a case where Foster potentially scammed a “businessman in Asia” through a questionably legal sports betting platform.

Gamble claimed he was asked to investigate the case to recover the investment of around $2 million to Sports Prediction that was allegedly taken by Foster.

“[We] have been tailing Foster for a month, so we have a very comprehensive profile of his activities. It’s been a lot of work that has now paid off,” said Gamble. “I had received intelligence that Foster was in the market for a luxury motor yacht, valued at over a million dollars. It was moored in Port Douglas and is an ocean-going vessel, which suggested to me that he was getting set to leave Australia for good.”

Foster has also been on the run from authorities for his alleged role in a group called Sports Trading Club committing another international gambling scam.

He was previously involved in false weight-loss production scams, was in charge of a gambling company that was shut down in 2012, and impersonated a financial advisor for the former British prime minster’s wife Cherie Blair.

Foster will be held at a Port Douglass police station until detectives escort him across the border to Cairns and will await his extradition hearing in court on Friday.

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