Oregon Online Sports Betting

  • Oregon posted an increase in sports betting activity and revenue for the month of October.
  • The most bet on sport with the Scoreboard app in Oregon was the NFL, and football in general.

PORTLAND – Sportsbooks across the nation are posting increases in handle and revenue for October and Oregon is among the states in that category. Oregon gives their residents only one commercial platform to gamble on sporting events and that’s with the Scoreboard app, which is run by the Oregon Lottery.

The month of October set a record in the state for the handle, as sports bettors wagered $29.45 million, recording a 12.5% spike from September’s figures.

Oregon’s Sports Betting Activity Increase

The Oregon Lottery posted their sports betting handle and revenue for the Scoreboard app and their October activity. Money collected in was $29.455 million with $2.751 million in revenue. From a month-over-month standpoint, September brought in $26.174 million more and saw a revenue increase by $1.527 million.

This was a growth of 12.5% for wagers month to month and an 80.1% increase in revenue over the course of that same month.

The breakdown for the betting activity had football see the most money wagered by sports bettors with $12,188,280. Baseball came in second with $4,853,500 in bets and basketball took third place with $4,441,964.

The top two other sports that fans engaged in the most for October were soccer matchups that took $3,511,838 in wagers and table tennis with $1,233,676. In total, October 2020 saw 903,187 bets placed by sports fans statewide.
Of those bets, 258,141 were for live in-game wagers.

The Future For Oregon Sports Betting

While the increase in activity is astounding considering Oregonians have only one platform to place wagers with, the growth of the sports betting industry is on the upswing. October had $3.3 million more in handle from September and $2.75 million in increased revenue.

This could very much be attributed to larger numbers of NFL betting taking place. If the state allowed the Scoreboard app to take action on the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers, the revenue and handle seen would increase exponentially as there are plenty of diehard fans of these teams in the Beaver State.

Oregonians can wager at Tribal casino sports betting locations if they wish to gamble on these college teams. However, this is all money lost for the economy in Oregon for prohibiting the Scoreboard app from including betting lines on these games.

It’s possible that the future of sports wagering in Oregon will include their college teams, and if they do, numbers for the industry will soar, like the Ducks do on the field at Autzen Stadium.

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