The Houston Astros are among several teams favored to win on Sunday's MLB betting slate.

  • The Philadelphia Phillies are favored to beat the Miami Marlins with -149 odds.
  • The Houston Astros are heavily favored over the Seattle Mariners with -247 odds.
  • The New York Mets are slightly favored over the Atlanta Braves at -110 odds.

PHILADELPHIA—As the MLB season is fully underway, there are a full slate of games going on today starting at 1:05 p.m. EST with the Philadelphia Phillies taking on the Miami Marlins in the third and final game of their opening series.

Legal sports betting sites have the Phillies as the favorites to win with -149 odds while the Marlins odds are at +138. The Phillies should be bet on no matter what as the Marlins have not had an above .500 record since 2009.

Bettors should not let their first win in the series fool them as the Marlins are a hard team to lose to. Bettors should take the Phillies for an easy payout.

For those looking at the Over/Under for total points for this matchup, it is set at 9.5 with the Over favored at -117 and the under at -103. Bettors who are looking to take a slight risk should take it here as in their first two games of the series, the under was hit both times. The under should be bet on here with no questions asked.

A prop bet for the game is which team will score first and the Marlins are favored with -135 odds while the Phillies are at +100. This is a surprise as The Phillies are expected to hit the ground running in the final game of the opening series.

Both teams split the initial score in the first two games but with Philly being the favorite here, it is only right that thy score first.

Houston Astros Vs. Seattle Mariners

The Houston Astros MLB odds signal them as the heavy favorites here and rightfully so. The Astros are sitting at -247 on the moneyline while the Mariners are at +221.

This should be an easy bet on the Astros as not only did they win the first two games of the series but they won by five or more runs as well. Bettors can play it safe here betting on the Astros for easy money.

The Over/Under is set at 9 runs with the over favored at -115 and the Under at -105. It should not be a surprise that the over is favored here as it was hit in the first game of the series and pushed in the second.

The Astros led the way in both games putting up eight and seven points. As long as the Mariners can do their part the over should be taken here.

An easy prop bet here for bettors to make easy money would be if there is going to be extra innings. The odds of there not being extra innings are heavily favored at -1999 while the odds of there being extra innings are at +778.

Bettors can expect the Astros to run away with the game early on and collect the easy payout betting against extra time. While it may not be the most lucrative betting line of the day, it might be the safest.

New York Mets Vs. Atlanta Braves

The Mets and Braves will face off in the last game of their opening series and the final game of the day. The Mets have the slight favor here at -110 to win straight up while the Braves are at +100.

Those who are looking for a risk here could be taking the Braves as they not only won the first game but forced extra innings in their second game. Bettors would be met with a nice payout if the Braves pull through.

The Over/Under here is set at 9.5 with the Over favored slightly at -111 and the under at -109. This should be eye-opening as in their first two games, the over was not even close to being met. The first game ended with a 1-0 score and the second at 5-3. Not to take anything away from either team but it is likely that the low scoring trend will keep up here as bettors should take the Under.

Odds on if there will be a score in the first inning are at -114 odds on both sides of the line. So far in the series, there has not been a score in the first inning at all. Bettors can expect that trend to keep up and bet against a score in the first inning.

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