Citizens Bank Park

  • While no Philadelphia Phillies players tested positive for COVID-19 a coach and clubhouse staff member did.
  • The Philadelphia Phillies are listed at +5000 odds to win the World Series.
  • The Phillies have postponed their series against the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays.

PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia Phillies have postponed their upcoming series against the Toronto Blue Jays due to one coach and one clubhouse staff member testing positive for COVID-19.

The Phillies have had their four-game series against the New York Yankees postponed because of the Miami Marlins coronavirus outbreak that has led to 19 members of that organization testing positive.

The Phillies and Marlins haven’t played since the conclusion of their three-game series to start the season and the MLB has not announced when each team will return to action.

These two positive tests led to the Phillies shutting down Citizens Bank Park and putting their season on hold after already postponing their series against the New York Yankees earlier this week.

The Marlins and Phillies postponements will put the two teams behind the rest of the MLB teams will have already played at least 10 games by the time the two teams return to action.

Major League Baseball will have to get creative in finding ways to get the Phillies and Marlins back up to speed especially if one of these two teams ends up in a tight playoff race. With only three games played. the Marlins are currently in first place of the NL East. The Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets have each played in six games and by the time the weekend hits they’ll have played at least ten games.

The impact of the positive tests has sent shockwaves through baseball as the commissioner Rob Manfred is expected to push for the league to continue playing.

This situation is made even worse since the Blue Jays aren’t even allowed to play in Canada due to the risk of them traveling and playing through different COVID-19 hotspots in the US.

“Our plans right now are to stay put and let MLB work through whatever they’re working through,” said Charlie Montoyo, Toronto Blue Jays manager. “We’re not going to Philadelphia. Those games have been postponed. … We’re going to talk to the Nationals, see if we can work out here. If they say yes, we’ll stay and work out until MLB tells us where to go next.”

The Phillies season being halted hasn’t caused a major shift in their World Series odds as they’re still considered a long shot at +5000.

For those betting on the MLB, now could be one of the unique circumstances to place a wager on these odds because the Phillies roster harbors a lot of talent and this team could end up surprising some teams in the playoffs.

It seems likely that the Marlins and Phillies both won’t be playing their full 60-game schedule as originally planned.

The MLB will likely have to award seeding by win percentage instead of total wins and losses like usual. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to leave the MLB season in limbo expect the unique circumstances to force the MLB to get creative just to finish the 2020 season.

This would not only affect baseball, but the entire legal sports betting industry. Until then Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen summed up the situation perfectly in a tweet.

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