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  • FuboTV advertised for a live PFL fight that was actually prerecorded.
  • Sportsbooks were taking heavy action on these fights.

LAS VEGAS – A major betting scandal could be unfolding with the Professional Fighters League as their streaming partner, FuboTV, has advertised a pre-recorded fight in which different sportsbooks across the United States were taking action on.

FuboTV was promoting the PFL’s Challenger Series for April 1, however, the fights took place on March 25. With that, there were tons of “suspicious” bets being placed on these fights that raised concerns and also caused major odds to shift.

One legal online sportsbook saw odds shift heavily in favor of Rakim Talley, Andrija Stankovic, Alexei Pegrande, Christian Turner, and Daeri Alderman ahead of when the event was supposed to air on April 1. All of those fighters won their fights and saw major action on their betting lines.

“The PFL Challenger Series is typically streamed live on Fubo Sports Network. The April 1 event was the lone exception and pre-taped. We inadvertently used the same promo copy for the April 1 show as we did for previous shows, which was a mistake. We regret the error,” said vice president of communications for FuboTV, Jennifer Press.

Following the statement from Press, different sportsbooks and state gambling operators weighed in on the situation.

“At the time we believed the event in question was live. After noticing unusual activity on a number of fights, DraftKings removed the markets [on its own accord]. We are working with regulatory bodies to determine the appropriate course of action,” said a spokesman from DraftKings sportsbook.


“Generally speaking, the licensed sportsbook operator is held accountable by the gaming regulator for knowing event and cut-off times for the wagers being offered and is prohibited from knowingly accepting past-posted wagers. There may or may not be law enforcement concerns with respect to a given past-post incident — it depends on the facts surrounding the incident and applicable law in the subject jurisdiction,” said the former chief of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Karl Bennison.

Different legal sports betting states have acted differently on the matter. In Arizona, the Arizona Department of Gaming has removed all PFL betting lines from their odds boards. In Colorado, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Nevada, their gaming control boards are holding further investigations.

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