Simplebet has launched and with it comes a new way to bet on sports in real-time.

  • A new sports betting operator, Simplebet, launches and joins the sports betting market.
  • Using proprietary machine learning, the company created a new form of in-play betting called Micro-Markets.
  • The new wager type creates in-game betting that is resulted in just minutes or seconds, further increasing fan engagement.

NEW YORK – Sports bettors have a new sportsbook to put action on. Simplebet, a betting product development company, has officially launched and comes with a new form of in-game betting.

The company uses proprietary machine learning and automation in order to create a brand new wager type that has been dubbed Micro-Markets.

Micro-Markets allows sports bettors to make live in-game wagers that have been created and resulted in a matter of seconds.

Micro-Markets Changes The Game

Simplebet plans to use its new Micro-Markets wagering to completely change the way sports bettors are used to betting on sports in real-time.

The company has developed the concept using machine learning which enables every moment of the sporting event to become a betting opportunity.

The announcement of the launch has already managed to draw in a lot of attention in the betting world, mainly due to the company’s investors.

There are several big names in the sports world who have invested in the new sportsbook. This includes David Blitzer, co-owner of the San Francisco Giants, Philadelphia 76ers, and the New Jersey Devils.

Co-founder and current COO of Yahoo, Jeff Mallett, is also a major name attached to the sports betting company as an investor.

So far, Simplebet has managed to garner over $35 million in investments. This comes following closing out the second wave of investments back in March, collecting $11 million at the time.

In an effort to attract new customers as well as lower the costs of customer acquisition, Simplebet has allowed its technology to be used by other established sportsbooks. This allows other sportsbooks to offer the new Micro-Markets in-game betting to their patrons.

With the embracement from major sports figures as well as offering its Micro-Management sports betting wager type to other sportsbooks, we may see other legal sports betting juggernauts embrace the technology and push Simplebet to the forefront of the market.

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