SimpleBet and FanDuel

  • Live betting from Simplebet will be available on FanDuel.
  • Simplebet will use its advanced technology to further develop these micro markets for NFL Games.
  • FanDuel wants to use this free-to-play game to convert casual players to paying customers.

NEW YORK Simplebet partners with FanDuel and will offer a free-to-play game that includes live betting options.

With this new partnership between Simplebet and FanDuel, casual fans will get a real taste of what live sports betting is like.

The Partnership With FanDuel

Simplebet is a tech firm that focuses on sports technology. Now they are making a big leap into the legal sports betting world by partnering with FanDuel.

Through this partnership, Simplebet will use its technology to launch a free-to-play game for the upcoming NFL betting season.

The free-to-play game is very similar to live betting. Players will be allowed to make wagers and props on plays happening during an NFL game. This includes props like who will receive a pass next, will the next play be a run or pass, and various other props.

Sports bettors will find this kind of wagering very familiar to live betting. Simplebet will use their advanced technology to update the odds and learn how players make their bets.

“It hasn’t been done before because no one ever made the investment in machine learning and automation that’s required to enable this type of betting,” said Chris Bevilacqua, CEO of Simplebet to CNBC. “These are all microbetting opportunities that are very engagement driven. We’re turning what typically used to be a handful of bets and traditional bets, like over-under and outcome-based bets, where you have to watch the whole game, into a series of minigames throughout a game.”

With their technology, live betting could become a lot more popular with FanDuel users. For now, the partnership between Simplebet and FanDuel is temporary.

FanDuel wants to use the new free-to-play game to convert casual players of the game into paying customers. Simplebet wants to make this partnership more permanent and make the free-to-play game into real bets FanDuel users can wager on.

Although sports bettors cannot make real money bets through this free-to-play game, it will still become available soon. It is currently unknown if the game will be available after the NFL season is done.

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