South Point Hotel Casino opens sports betting drive-thru.

  • South Point Hotel Casino is now using their valet entrance as a drive-thru sports betting window.
  • The drive-thru launched on Wednesday and will allow people to sign up for the hotel’s mobile sportsbook application to begin wagering on upcoming events.

LAS VEGAS – South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas will now have a drive-thru window open for sports betting beginning on Wednesday.

This is the newest creation by a sportsbook amid the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines. Sports bettors in Las Vegas that wish to place wagers online or through mobile sportsbooks must first sign up for an account in person by law, which is what the new drive-thru will allow.

Drive-Thru Sports Betting

The sports world has been on hiatus for what seems like an eternity. But this month, NASCAR and the UFC will be some of the first organizations to resume playing since the outbreak of COVID-19.

In preparation for these upcoming events, South Point has decided to open a drive-thru for the people of Las Vegas to sign up with the hotel’s mobile sports betting application.

The “Drive-Thru” will actually be the valet entrance of the hotel that will be open to the public from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. every day of the week. Nevada sports bettors do not need to leave the security of their car to register. They can open an account and deposit money to that account from their cars by using the drive-thru.

To become a registered user, all people going to the drive-thru need to present a valid ID showing that they are at least 21 years old and make their initial deposit to begin using the mobile sportsbook immediately.

At the moment, due to the Coronavirus, retail sportsbooks in Nevada have been closed leaving mobile and internet sports betting as the only option available for anyone wishing to bet on sports.

A New Way To Wager

There is no telling how long major sporting events will be on hiatus or how long casinos and their land-based sportsbooks will be closed. However, this drive-thru idea is one of the innovative ways for casinos to get people to sign up for mobile accounts that must be done in person because of state law.

With the UFC, NASCAR, and even boxing coming back, sports bettors can begin gambling on some real sporting events with the South Point mobile app.

The drive-thru is not to be confused with a betting window. Its purpose is to sign people up with a mobile sports betting account, not to take bets themselves. Once a person has an account, they can wager from wherever they’d like within the state with the use of their phone or a computer.

Even when locations are able to open up again, the start is expected to be slow because of the hesitation by patrons to venture out because of any remaining risk of COVID-19.

South Point allowing their customers the option to now have a mobile account by signing up this way can only help to boost their business as more and more sports bettors will opt to wager with these convenient applications. The hotel itself remains closed at this time.

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