Betting on March Madness

  • Users reported issues at mobile sportsbooks BetMGM and FanDuel in the opening moments of the NCAA Tournament.
  • Live betting odds were momentarily down at SBTech backed sports betting platforms.

INDIANAPOLIS – The 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is usually one of the most heavily wagered events in all of sports and the one year hiatus of the annual tournament likely amplified betting interest.

The March Madness betting frenzy caused some of the major sportsbooks and their users to experience issues betting as tournament play began.

Across the board college basketball bettors at various mobile sportsbooks experienced issues placing bets or accessing their accounts.

There have been some common issues that have plagued sportsbooks users during the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Whether it be the platform unable to process bets or users unable to withdraw their winnings, problems at the bookie are more common than some may think.

Some legal sports bettors using BetMGM, woke up this morning with their bankrolls empty as well as their open bets not being displayed.

Even the BetMGM Nevada faced issues this morning likely due to the amount of traffic caused by March Madness betting and some users were not even able to have their bets processed.

The sheer volume of sports bets being received for the NCAA Tournament likely caused issues for live sports betting players.

Some using an SBTech backed betting platform saw only basketball odds for International Women’s Basketball.

Sportsbooks being momentarily down or having hiccups at the start of major betting events is nothing new to experienced sports bettors and is sometimes inevitable as the operators betting platforms can only process so much information at one time.

For many sports bettors that experience issues with mobile sportsbooks during the NCAA Tournament, the best thing to do is remain patient as typically some of these issues tend to work themselves out without needing to refresh the page, though contacting customer support is best.

It’s likely that since this is the Opening Day of the NCAA Tournament there was a major spike in usage of mobile sportsbooks. This certainly won’t be the last time sportsbooks experience some form of technical difficulties especially during a time where not many people are placing bets in-person at local casinos.

Nonetheless, college basketball betting players should find the best online sportsbooks all experience these issues, as most are just an extension of the frenzy caused by March Madness.

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