Birmingham Stallions

  • The Birmingham Stallions have -300 odds to beat the Michigan Panthers
  • There are +275 odds on the Stallions winning the game by either 1-6 points.
  • The spread for the game is set at 6.5 points in favor of the Stallions.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Week 6 of the USFL will see a matchup between the undefeated Birmingham Stallions and the Michigan Panthers. The Stallions are the only remaining undefeated team and are going into this game as one of the heavier favorites for the week.

Birmingham Stallions Vs. Michigan Panthers

  • Moneyline: Stallions (-300) vs. Panthers (+250)
  • Spread: Stallions -6.5 (-110)
  • Total: 37.5 Points

Although money can be made on the Stallions moneyline and spread, legal online betting sites are offering plenty more value in alternate lines and winning range. In order to win a $100 profit from the moneyline, $300 would need to be bet. However, splitting that $300 into other places could turn out much more profitable.

Winning Range & Alternate Line

The winning ranges that Bovada is offering range in 5-6 point ranges. Taking the Stallions to win by 1-6 points (+275) or even 7-12 points (+375) rather than the normal 6.5-point spread.

On the alternate lines, the last $100 would be split putting $50 on the Stallions -3.5 (-150) and Stallions -7 (+120). This guarantees a profit regardless of if the spread goes over or under 6.5 points.

$100 on the 1-6 margin would payout $275 while the $50 on the 3.5-point spread pays out $33 for a $308 profit.

The $100 bet on the 7-12 margin pays out $375 while the -7 alternate line profits $60 for a total profit margin of $435.

If the 1-6 winning margin and 3.5-point spread are the only ones to cash, after accounting for the $150 loss on the other two bets, the profit would still be $158.

An even bigger payout comes with the 7-12 margin and -7 alternate line being that if both of those cash, the 3.5-point alternate line would cash as well. After accounting for the $100 loss on the 1-6 range bet, bettors would still be walking away with $368 in profit.

Where Things Are Leaning

On the statistical side of things, the Stallions are 5-0 which is impressive, however, their winning margins are not where some might expect. In their five games, three of them fell under the 1–6-point range while one was in the 7-12 range.

For the Panthers, it’s a similar story as three of their losses have come in the 1-6 range as well while another one came between 7-12 points.

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