• Pickswise has created a supercomputer that will use super analytics when coming up with odds for NFL games this season.
  • DraftKings has already signed on to use this new technology for their sports betting platforms.

NEW YORK – Sports betting just got a little more technical as Pickswise, a company affiliated with Spotlight Sports Group has rolled out a supercomputer specifically tailored for sports wagers.

The unveiling of the latest innovation for gambling on sporting events happened just in time for the beginning of NFL season, which is when sportsbooks are known to do the most business.

Three of the most common bets for football, the moneyline, points spread, and totals will be the focal points for the computer and its generated odds.

Super Computer Equates To Super Bets

The supercomputer never stops equating different variables that factor into the odds it lays out for each event. As soon as there has been any change to an individual player’s status, the team itself, or even the weather on game day, it will take each one of these things into account to come up with the best odds and predictions on how a game will turn out.

It has been programmed to use the Monte Carlo Method for its analysis, which is a familiar approach in the sports wagering industry.

What is the Monte Carlo Method? It’s a very detailed method where a number of specifics are considered for any one matchup. This results in multiple outcomes for a game.

After that, it is then up to the person, or in this case, the supercomputer to choose the result that appears to be the most probable out of them all.

The supercomputer is set up to allow for over 10,000 simulations for a single game in order to figure out which is the likeliest ending based on pure data and statistics. Their numbers will continue to change with the flow of new information on any given event.

This new technology is the only one of its kind and it promises the best odds for gambling on the NFL because of the hundreds of algorithms used to reach its final numbers.

This advancement in the sports betting community is meant to help further the engagement by sports bettors and have newcomers begin placing wagers when they are able to see they have a better chance of winning with the supercomputer’s figures.

“We consider a value bet as one which identifies a discrepancy between our projections and the prevailing betting markets,” said Harry von Behr, the Spotlight Sports Group Managing Director. “The ability to consistently identify anomalies between our consolidated projections and the projected sportsbook odds can provide customers with an increased chance of being a successful gambler and having long term success – a very attractive proposition for any avid sports bettor.”

What’s Next?

Online sportsbooks like DraftKings have already signed a contract with Pickswise to use the betting lines and odds created by the new supercomputer for their wagers on the 2020 NFL schedule.

Other sports betting operators are expected to jump on board with Pickswise as their product makes all others pale in comparison. Going into Week 2 of the NFL season the supercomputer will offer live in-game player statistics on the Pickswise website for members to view at their leisure for betting on the moneyline, totals, and point spreads of each game.

“We will be adding an exciting in-game screen in week two which has live in-game probabilities for spread, total and moneyline, in-game player statistics, and play-by-play data so users can follow what’s happening in the game live on the Pickswise website,” said von Behr.

DraftKings will be the first sportsbook to use the supercomputer, giving sports bettors using the most popular sports wagering platform in the nation the first look to see if the computer’s odds are deserving of the “super” in its name.

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