Survivor 46

  • Survivor 46 betting odds are available at BetOnline ahead of the season premiere on Wednesday night.
  • Tiffany Nicole Ervin has +400 odds to win as the Survivor 46 betting favorite.
  • There are +150 odds for the Sole Survivor to be a male contestant.

LOS ANGELESBetting on Survivor returns on Wednesday night with the premiere of Survivor 46. Tiffany Nicole Ervin has +400 odds to earn the title of “Sole Survivor” and the $1 million prize as the betting favorite.

With so many people enjoying the long-running reality competition show, it’s only right that there are Survivor betting odds for Survivor 46. There are bets available on the winning competitor and the sex of the winner, all before the two-hour Survivor 46 season premiere beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

Betting Odds To Win Survivor 46

  • Tiffany Nicole Ervin +400
  • Kenzie Petty +500
  • Tevin Davis +600
  • Q Burdette +650
  • Tim Spicer +800
  • Jessica Chong +1000
  • Maria Shrime Gonzalez +1000
  • Liz Wilcox +1000
  • Charlie Davis +1400
  • Moriah Gaynor +1400
  • Jemila Hussain-Adams +1400
  • Ben Katzman +1400
  • Hunter McKnight +1400
  • Randen Montalvo +1400
  • Soda Thompson +1400
  • Venus Vafa +1400
  • Bhanu Gopal +1600
  • David Jelinsky +1600

Betting favorite Tiffany Nicole Ervin is a 33-year-old artist from New Jersey, but some notes from her bio don’t make her seem like a valuable bet at +400. Tiffany’s Survivor 46 bio, gathered by Entertainment Weekly, states that her friends tell her that “I lack situational awareness sometimes and see things from a rose-colored lens, even when I shouldn’t.

Betting On Hunter (+1400) + Survivor 46 Winner To Be Male (+150)

Hunter McKnight’s +1400 legal entertainment betting odds are a much better wager, as the 28-year-old from Mississippi has a hobby of building Survivor challenges and is very intelligent. McKnight graduated college in 3.5 years with a 4.0 GPA, but left a full-ride medical scholarship to pursue teaching.

Survivor 46 Winning Sex

  • Female -200
  • Male +150

Eight of the last 11 Survivor winners were male, yet legal betting sites favor a female winner at Survivor 46. The most recent winner at Survivor 45 was a female with Dee Valladares named Sole Survivor.

The two most likely winners based on odds are female, but we have a lot of faith in McKnight at +1400. Plus, the remaining three contestants in the top five for betting odds are male, making the +150 odds for a male winner a solid bet.

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