Super Bowl National Anthem

  • Bettors can get -101 odds on both sides of the coin toss to start the game.
  • The length of the national anthem has been set at 120 seconds with -120 odds on either side.

LOS ANGELES – Aside from actually betting on the 2022 Super Bowl itself, there are good opportunities to make some money before the game even starts.

Coin Toss Odds

Betting on the Super Bowl 56 coin toss is the ultimate 50/50 pick. However, for that reason, it may actually be a good bet to take.

Unless someone is a professional handicapper, getting true 50/50 odds from the legal online sportsbooks may be the best chance at winning someone will ever have.

Some books are offering better odds than other. For example, Bovada is giving -105 on both heads and tails while BetOnline currently has each option listed at a better price.

Coin Toss Odds At BetOnline

  • Heads -101
  • Tails -101

In recent years tails has been the much more common outcome, but the first rule of statistics is that this is an independent event and what happened last time doesn’t impact the next result whatsoever.

Regardless, -101 odds are the best it’s going to get for anyone who wants to bet on the coin toss.

National Anthem Odds

It seems that each and every year, NFL betting sites list the length of the national anthem but it eventually gets taken down. While a singer hasn’t been confirmed yet, seven of the last nine national anthems went OVER 120 seconds, so it may be a good bet to make.

National Anthem Length Odds

  • OVER 120 Seconds -120
  • UNDER 120 Seconds -120

The odds usually change drastically as people have recorded the practice runs with a stopwatch. Whether someone does this again this year is obviously yet to be seen, but to be safe bettors should pick a side early before things change too much.

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