Travis Kelce

  • The consensus top tight ends are Travis Kelce, George Kittle and Darren Waller.
  • The next tier consists on Mark Andrews, Kyle Pitts and TJ Hockenson.
  • After that, there is a sizable gap in terms of ADP.

LAS VEGAS – Strategy is arguably the most important thing in terms of succeeding in a fantasy draft. One position that doesn’t have a consensus strategy is the tight end. Often drafts see the top-tier players get drafted earlier with a big gap between the rest of the league filling up their need at the position.

The Top Tier Tight Ends

The grouping of Travis Kelce, George Kittle and Darren Waller is considered to be the unquestioned top-tier tight ends.

Kittle’s ADP is 9.0, Kittle’s is 26.3 and Waller’s is 29.3 which means all three are off the board by the end of the third round in standard drafts. Legal betting sites seem to agree with these positional rankings.

Travis Kelce (9.0 ADP)

Kelce is projected 1300.5 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns per his season totals which equates to him being the clear-cut No. 1 tight end.

Projected Fantasy Points: 190 Non-PPR Points

Darren Waller (29.5 ADP)

Waller’s season totals project him to tally 1050.5 yards and 7.5 touchdowns which put him No. 2 in the tight end rankings despite being the third drafted.

Projected Fantasy Points: 150 Non-PPR Points

George Kittle (26.3 ADP)

Kittle’s low touchdown total of just 5.5 brings him down a little bit, but his expected 1025.5 yards keep him near the top.

Projected Fantasy Points: 135 Non-PPR Points

The Second Tier Of Tight Ends

Another trio of Mark Andrews, Kyle Pitts and TJ Hockenson is established as the second tier of tight ends. Based on season totals (which are incomplete) Pitts as the No. 4 option with Andrews close behind and Hockenson trailing the pack.

Their ADP’s range from 52.0 to 64.8 which results in these three being selected by the halfway mark in the seventh round Sports betting sites give Pitts and Andrews the same touchdown total and a total yards differential of just 25 yards.

Who’s The Next Best?

After these six tight ends get taken, it seems to come down to preference. In terms of importance tight ends are rising up the ranks, but it doesn’t always have the transition to fantasy relevance.

Still, a few tight end sleepers fit the mold.

Noah Fant (113.3 ADP)

Fant has the highest yardage total of any tight end after the top six (690.5).

His quarterback play is a big question mark, but he’s put up solid numbers with poor QB play before and could easily do it again.

Mike Gesicki (118.0 ADP)

Gesicki yardage number is just five yards below Fant’s but has been able to find the endzone more often.

Aside from his rookie season, Gesicki has recorded 5+ touchdowns in both seasons and is coming off of a 703-yard season.

Irv Smith Jr (140.3 ADP)

Smith Jr. is one of the more athletic tight ends in the league.

With Kyle Rudolph off the team, the tight end responsibilities are Smith’s alone. Plus, defenses will surely be keen on stopping Justin Jefferson which could leave plenty of opportunities over the middle with Smith Jr.

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