NFL training is starting up except for a few teams

  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a memo to NFL teams informing them they may begin reopening facilities.
  • The teams must first be allowed to open via compliance with public health requirements in their jurisdictions.
  • Teams must also implement protocols that were officially developed by the NFL Chief Medical Officer.

NEW YORK – NFL teams are officially able to reopen practice facilities after shutting everything down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Commissioner Roger Goodell informed all 32 teams via a memo that practice can begin opening as early as Tuesday.

This comes with a caveat, however, as teams must first be in compliance with public health requirements in their jurisdictions as well as implement protocols set by Dr. David Sills, the NFL’s Chief Medical Officer.

If teams are unable to meet these requirements on May 19, they are able to open anytime following so long as they meet the requirements.

Because of California’s jurisdiction on the COVID-19 public health matter, teams like the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will not be those among the teams returning to open. Whenever the ban for public gathering in California is lifted, the California teams will be able to rejoin the league.

With the practice facilities reopening, NFL sports bettors should be happy to note that the NFL is on pace to return on time. Practice facilities opening in May give teams enough time to prepare for preseason.

Roger Goodell’s memo addressing the league brought a level of optimism to teams. A total of 22 teams are already set to open their facilities and begin preparations for training camp and practices.

Other safety precautions set to be implemented include limiting the number of people in the building at any given moment to no more than 75. Also, only 50% of the team’s staff are allowed in at any time. Coaches are not allowed in facilities either.

However, the Vikings took a different route and continued to work from home. In an effort to voluntarily stay away from opening their facilities, the Vikings have not set a timetable for when they look to get back to work.

The NFL season is gearing up to continue as planned with the slow opening of facilities being a good indication. Legal sports betting sites continue to host betting odds for the upcoming season, with more lines and prop bets expected as the season persists.

Coronavirus is not stopping sports bettors from capitalizing from NFL action.

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