Legal sports betting is winding through the VA legislature.

  • Virginia could see legal sports betting in 2020 with bill VA HB 4.
  • The bill has passed through the House and is making its way through the Senate.
  • Sports betting is listed under “casino games” within the bill.

RICHMOND, Va. – Gaming in Virginia may get a lot more interesting as bill VA HB 4 continues its way through the steps toward becoming law.

On February 11, it passed through the House with a vote of 61 YEAS and 33 NAYS. From there it was referred to the Committee on General Laws and Technology for voting on Wednesday. VA HB 4 passed with a vote of 11 YEAS and 1 NAY. It is now on its way to the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee.

What Does VA HB 4 Allow?

If it continues on this path, VA HB 4 will be a law in no time. The bill would legalize casino gaming for the Commonwealth of Virginia which would be regulated by the Virginia Lottery Board. Within the bill, the term “casino gaming” is clarified to include sports betting.

Gambling on both collegiate and professional sports would be legal at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in Virginia. Taxes have a range of anywhere between 15 and 28 percent on all revenue that is generated by businesses holding licenses to offer casino games.

The bill also lists an exclusion ban for individuals to be able to add their name to on a voluntary basis. If gamblers believe they will become addicted, adding their name to this list will have them banned from entering any establishment that offers betting activities.

Horse racing terminals would be eligible in cities that put in a referendum to the Virginia Racing Commission. With approval, cities could receive up to 600 terminals for historical horse racing purposes by the Commission as stated within the bill.

What’s Next?

VA HB 4 will now be heard by the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee. The Committee meets every Tuesday and Wednesday for discussions. Once VA HB 4 is on the docket, they will hear the bill and put it to a vote.

The Commonwealth of Virginia could have legal sports betting in 2020 through VA HB 4. The session ends on March 7. So, decisions on the future of sports betting in the Old Dominion need to be made quickly.

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