State flag of West Virginia.

  • Hollywood Casino continues to be the top sportsbook in the state of West Virginia.
  • The week of September 7 accounted for revenue exceeding $1.6 million for the three active books.
  • Mardi Gras Casino and Wheeling Island Casino are still out of operation at the time.

CHARLESTON, W. Va. – Mobile sports betting continues to be the focus in West Virginia. Because of the newly re-launched industry, West Virginia sports betting is seeing their highest numbers ever.

During September, the three active sportsbooks in WV collected $25.6 million in wagers. This came with four straight weeks of the betting handle exceeding $6 million. No other week had reported a handle above $5 million but with the NFL back in action as well as the online opportunities, September became the best sports betting month in WV.

Through the record betting handle, the books were able to keep $3.75 million, partly due to the week beginning on September 7. During this seven-day period, the books totaled $1.66 million in revenue – surpassing the previous weekly high ($944,066) set during the week of the Super Bowl.

As the books are taxed at 15% of their revenue, and the state sees 85% of that tax, West Virginia benefitted from sports betting by $319,240.

The Sportsbooks In West Virginia

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town races continues to be the best of the books in the state. With $17.9 million as a handle and $2.65 million in revenue, the Jefferson County racino led the way.

Almost half of their revenue came during one week of action (September 7). The book kept $1.24 million in revenue, more than doubling their previous weekly high of $550,151 that took place in December of last year.

Surprisingly, this high revenue came during the books; lowest reporting betting handle week, indicating NFL bettors missed out on a handful of winning wagers.

Due to mobile betting, Hollywood Casino’s betting handle jumped higher and their revenue is starting to stray away from retail-only operations. Only 7% of revenue came through the mobile DraftKings Sportsbook during the first half-week that ended August, but the month of September ended with DraftKings having 34.8% of revenue coming through the online channels.

The Greenbrier saw similar results due to the launch of their mobile FanDuel Sportsbook app. The private betting parlor watched their handle exceed $1 million for the first time and continued to hit this mark in three straight weeks, topping at $1.16 million.

Mobile betting definitely made this possible, as, by the end of the month, over 91% of the books’ revenue came from online sports betting. This helped The Greenbrier collect $531,336 during the month.

Mountaineer Casino took a step back without their mobile betting app to compete with the aforementioned books. Mountaineer has taken in almost $15 million more in wagers than The Greenbrier since the state’s launch but this was the first time they were outshined by their cross-state competitor.

The book kept $575,911 in revenue off of a $3.47 million betting handle. A strong majority of this handle came during the week of September 21, when the handle was close to $1 million for the week. Surprisingly, this was their lowest weekly revenue total during September ($84,695).

Their highest weekly revenue came during the week of September 7, in which they made almost $250,000. However, this came from a handle that was nearly $160,000 lower than that of the week of September 21.

As for the two Delaware North properties (Wheeling Island Casino and Mardi Gras Casino), their operations are still suspended. Wheeling Casino paid out bettors $195.25 in outstanding wagers, while Mardi Gras owed just a bit more at $706.75.

Moving forward, expect to see a week in the near future where the mobile sports betting revenue exceeds the retail revenue. By the end of September, almost 35% of the collective books’ revenue came from online betting. If they are to follow suit of the legal sports betting operations in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, West Virginia should continue to see that number rise to about 80%.

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