Cam Newton

  • Former MVP QB Cam Newton is a free agent and sports bettors are taking action on which team he will sign too.
  • The team with the shortest odds at online sportsbooks is the New England Patriots at +400.
  • Sports bettors are also betting on the Washington Reskins (+700) and the Tennessee Titans (+800).

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Despite leading the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015 on the back of a 15-1 record and also claiming the coveted MVP award, just five seasons later Cam Newton is not even on an NFL team.

The Panthers gave Newton the option to seek a trade then immediately signed Teddy Bridgewater a $60 million deal, leaving Cam without a home.

As Week 1 approaches, sports bettors are taking action on where the former MVP will land, with the New England Patriots, the Washington Redskins, and the Tennessee Titans having the shortest odds.

Cam’s Next Spot

NFL sports bettors are leaning heavily towards Newton signing with the Patriots who are now without there star quarterback Tom Brady.

The prospect of Cam Newton under Bill Belichick seems to excite sports bettors, with this having the shortest odds.

Cam Newton Team In Week 1 Of 2020 Regular Season:

  • New England Patriots +400
  • Washington Redskins +700
  • Tennessee Titans +800
  • Arizona Cardinals +900
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +900
  • Baltimore Ravens +1000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +1000
  • Los Angeles Rams +1000
  • Seattle Seahawks +1000
  • Denver Broncos +1200

There have been rumors around the league suggesting Cam met with New England but so far nothing has come from this.

The Washington Redskins is another location that sports bettors are leaning towards with Cam Newton.

Redskins head coach Ron Rivera has expressed interest in Cam joining the team, however, he made it clear that it depends on the circumstances.

“I think with Cam, and I have thought about it, I mean, it’s something that’s run through my mind, and it’s about the situation and circumstances,” said Rivera. “I’m not sure I would do it. I’m not sure if I wouldn’t do it. It depends on circumstances.”

The Tennessee Titans are the odd ones.

Unlike the Redskins and the Patriots, the Titans already have a clear plan for the QB position. The Titans extended Ryan Tannehill with a four-year $118 million contract.

The $62 million of Tannehill’s contract is guaranteed.

If they were to sign Newton, he would be coming off of the bench which seems highly unlikely for the Titans to take on Cam’s $19.1 million contract just to have him as a backup.

It is unclear when Cam will sign with an NFL team. Still, legal betting sites will be providing his free agency odds throughout the entire process.

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