New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

  • New York will see a mobile sports betting market launch in 2022, as Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation will not change the latest law of the industry.
  • Lawmakers are hoping that the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) will work quickly so that operators are able to go live in 2021.
  • Four of the six bids will need to be chosen to be licensed sportsbooks by the NYSGC by Dec. 6.

NEW YORK – Soon to be former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo resigned from his position on Tuesday after being put under relentless scrutiny as of late but will this development delay mobile sportsbooks from launching in the Empire State? Cuomo was accused in a number of incidences involving sexual harassment. But what does the once- Governor of New York’s resignation have to do with mobile sports betting in the state?

Cuomo was one of the main backers for regulated mobile sportsbooks for New York. Many were worried that anyone that permanently takes his position will change the rules and regulations for the market and void this part of the industry from going live but that is not the case. New York will have mobile sportsbooks, that’s something that’s been set in stone, prior to the Governor’s resignation.

New York’s Mobile Sports Betting Market

The regulated sports betting industry in New York was lacking a mobile sports gaming aspect until it was signed off on earlier this year by Cuomo. Monday marked the deadline for sportsbook operator bids in the state to which there were a total of six.

New York sports wagering will have four operators chosen from the six that will each have a platform expected to launch in 2022. The New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) has until December 6 to choose the four operators and announce them to the public, who will then become officially licensed in the Empire State.

Lawmakers are hoping that the NYSGC will work quickly so that a launch of the mobile sports betting industry in New York can occur in 2021. Many New Yorkers would like to have access to state mobile platforms to wager on the NFL this year.

New York’s Sports Betting Future

The Empire State is looking at a 2022 launch for their mobile sports betting industry unless the NYSGC move in a swift manner. However, realistically, a Super Bowl 2022 launch would be pushing it and March Madness would seem more likely. After the initial launch, should the industry do well, advocates for the market are already hoping to draw up legislation to allow for up to 14 mobile sportsbook operators statewide.

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