A gambling site owned by William Hill is being fined for not preventing addiction.

  • William Hill is being fined for one of their online gambling sites.
  • This is not the first time a violation like this has occurred.
  • The money from the fines goes towards helping prevent addiction.

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. — Mr Green online casino, which is owned by William Hill sportsbook, is being fined for $3.8 Million for not helping prevent gambling addictions.

This has been an ongoing incident amongst online casinos since 2018. The money from all of these fines will go toward helping gamblers who suffer from addiction.

The William Hill business is one of several online gaming platforms that has been punished in accordance with the U.K.’s stricter guidelines for online betting and gambling.

Cause For Lawsuit

The incident occurred when a user won a total of $64,000 and deposited it back into their account and gambled it all away and on top of that deposited thousands more into the account.

After the fine, the company tried to defend itself by showing that the user had enough money and would not be suffering. They did this by showing a payout of $225,526 and also that the user has deposited over $1.2 million over time.

But, showcasing the bettor’s deposit methods and history was not enough to get them off the hook.

History Of Fines

Mr Green is actually the ninth casino operator to be hit with a fine. Since 2018, there has been $25.6 Million in fines paid due to the same reason. The Gambling Commission has revoked six managers’ licenses and has given out six other formal warnings.

“Our investigation uncovered systemic failings in respect of both Mr Green’s social responsibility and AML controls which affected a significant number of customers across its online casinos,” said Richard Watson, Gambling Commission executive director.

Where The Money Goes

The money that is collected from the fines does not go to waste. The money goes to the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms. They work to help prevent, give treatment, educate and support individuals with gambling addictions.

“This new strategy will provide us and our partners the opportunity to make faster progress to reduce gambling harms. It will not just benefit the health and wellbeing of those affected and in need of support, but also those such as friends, families, communities and wider society—the success of this strategy relies on everyone working together to reduce gambling harms through prevention and education, and treatment and support. Everyone has a role to play to combat gambling harms and I’m delighted that the health sector, charities and businesses are showing their commitment to get behind the strategy and make it a success,” said William Moyes, Chairman of the Gambling Commission.

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