A’ja Wilson and Kelsey Plum

  • DraftKings has released their most bet on women athletes and women’s sports teams
  • The number of women bettors has grown drastically in recent years, with reports as high as a 115% increase in the last year
  • As a community, the acceptance and willingness to teach and help more women in the sports betting world is crucial to both growing and diversifying the industry

LAS VEGAS – Women are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing demographics and have worked to greatly diversify the typically male-dominated pastime. With more women entering into the world of gambling, greater emphasis is being placed educating prospective bettors and making them feel welcome.

The push for more women’s sports markets is also gaining traction, forcing sportsbooks to reevaluate how much time they spend on creating odds for these sports without allowing sharp bettors to threaten profit. The world of legal sports betting is no doubt benefiting from the addition of more and more women as bettors and/or leaders, which will lead to the pastime eventually being seen as an equally acceptable hobby for men and women alike.

DraftKings’ Most Bet on Women Athletes and Teams

According to DraftKings, the most bet on women’s team of 2022 was the Las Vegas Aces, who are fresh off winning the WNBA championship and are spearheaded by the dynamic duo of Kelsey Plum and A’ja Wilson.

The most bet on individual female athletes all come from tennis, which has historically been the most popular women’s sport. The top five list of the most bet on women’s tennis players include established legends like Ons Jabeur and Serena Williams along with rising superstars such as Coco Gauff and Iga Swiatek.

Women are Making Their Mark in The Industry

Lauren Westerfield, VP of Online Gaming at Casino Queen has noted that the active number of women bettors has grown at a breakneck pace, rising to 4.6 million, a 115% increase from last year.

Much of this came as a result of a greater number of women leaders in sectors like advertisement or business development that are crucial to bringing in more bettors. By having these women lead initiatives, older marketing has been phased out in favor of treating the female demographic seriously as sports fans, rather than a curiosity.

Some of the most powerful and well-respected women in the industry such as FanDuel CEO Amy Howe and NFL chief revenue officer/executive vice president Renie Anderson have consistently pushed for women to be in leadership positions across the world of sports.

Many of these inspirational trailblazers lead the charge to get more women into sports betting through education and outreach.

This would help to not only grow the player bases of the sportsbooks, but also to bring diversity of thought, background, and gender into the historically monolithic world of gambling.

Demand Rises for Women’s Sports on Books

As more women pour into the active user list for online sportsbooks, the demand to have odds available for as many women’s sports as possible is growing.

Sportsbooks have often given various reasons for the lack of these odds, mainly that they have to focus their resources and attention on the most bet on markets, which tend to be male-dominated leagues like the NBA or NFL.

In addition, sportsbooks fear that sharp bettors, bettors who are extremely familiar with the sport, pose a significant threat if odds are made hastily and without much thought.

Fortunately, legal sportsbooks are ready to deliver: with DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, and Circa Sports all stating that they are planning to stay on top of the NCAA Women’s March Madness by offering spreads, money lines, and totals for most games available.

Some games though, particularly lopsided affairs in the earlier rounds, will likely not feature money lines, as women’s basketball tends to have a larger degree of separation between the top six teams and the seeds below them than other sports.

Regardless, this move by sportsbooks truly showcases how women’s sports are gradually growing in popularity with many men and women bettors alike. At this rate, the sports betting industry is set to do a 180 on historical trends, bringing in women from all corners of the country and leading to the ongoing rise of an incredibly diverse industry in all aspects.

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