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South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook Review

For those who enjoy going out and watching their favorite professional Philadelphia sports teams play in person, stopping by the sportsbook located at South Philadelphia Turf Club, will be a must. The Turf Club is conveniently located right next to Lincoln Financial Field and Stadium, which is home to the Eagles, and Citizens Bank Field, which hosts the Phillies home games. Not only is it a great legal sports betting location for football and baseball fans, but it is also located only blocks away from the Wachovia Complex, which is where the 76rs and Flyers play.

There is always at least one of those teams playing all throughout the year so expect a lot of foot traffic and sports bettors to come to this location. But, patrons from all over the region don’t just come to bet on traditional sports. The South Philly Turf Club also offers pari-mutual wagering on horses which is a fan favorite for all ages. We’ll go over all the different betting opportunities, what amenities can currently be found at the property, and features that might interest sports bettors in the area and around the state.

When Did The Sportsbook At The South Philly Turf Club Launch?

The South Philly Turf Club launched its sportsbook in January of 2019. The opening came one week after Parx Casino launched theirs. Both Pennsylvania locations were approved to start offering sports betting back in October of 2018 but had to wait 90 days after submitting their petition to pay the $10 million licensing fee. They were both originally intended to launch at the same time, but the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board required that since both locations are owned by the same company, the locations had to go through a two-day test period one at a time. The Turf Club was cleared and began to officially accept sports wagers just in time for the 2019 Super Bowl.

Where Is The Sportsbook At The South Philadelphia Turf Club Located?

The Turf Club stretches 27,000 square feet and offers high definition digital monitors to display the latest odds boards and sporting events. Betting on sports will also be accessible all throughout the building with their self-serve betting kiosks. Anyone new to this type of gaming will be able to grab a guide and familiarize themselves with all of the different terminology and rules before placing any wagers. You can also view these odds and make these bets at the dining area, which is enclosed by glass and offers an astonishing view of both the stadium and the center city Philadelphia skyline. Just be sure to stop by during their sportsbook’s operating hours, which are listed below:

Monday – Friday: Noon – 11 pm

Saturday: 10 am-Midnight

Sunday 10 am – 11 pm

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook?

Even though many people who are going to watch the games at the stadium may be bringing their children, it is important to note that  21 is the age you can bet on sports at this location or anywhere in Pennsylvania for that matter. Although, if you were looking to visit the South Philly Turf Club for the purpose of just betting on horses, then you only need to be 18 years old or older. This tends to be the more family-friendly event to bring your children to.

Does The South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

Everything you’d expect to find at a high-profile casino sportsbook can be found at this location. Whether you were looking to bet on the Nittany Lions making the Big 10 championship, or the Flyers making it to the NHL playoffs, you can do so. You can find odds for NFL football, college football, MLB, NHL, NBA, college basketball, boxing and more. When it comes to the wagering types you can try your hand at prop bets, teasers, spreads, moneylines, totals, and more. You can even bet on a certain half if you feel like a team is going to have a hot start or better finish.

Mobile Wagering At The Turf Club Sportsbook

As of now, the full potential of mobile betting at this sportsbook has not been unlocked. The mobile opportunity that you currently have is through their betslip builder. This platform will allow you to view an odds board from your phone, pick out which wagering types you want, then build a specific barcode for an employee to scan so that your picks can become official. Kambi, who operates their sports betting capability, also operates about 70% of New Jerseys online and mobile sports wagering market. Because of this, many are expecting the Turf Club to eventually offer the same feature.

Live Betting At The South Philly Turf Club Sportsbook

The Turf Club sportsbook wouldn’t be complete without offering live betting to it’s customers. Many fans who might leave the stadium at half time will stop by to grab something to eat. But, if they are watching the second half on TV and notice that the Eagles are starting to come from behind, they can bet that they’ll pull off the comeback victory. Folks can also take any random game that’s on and boost up their interest in it by placing real-time bets on key stats that are playing out right in front of them.

South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook FAQs

Can I Parlay My Bets At The South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook?

Yes, you can absolutely parlay your bets at the South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook. When it comes to sports betting, parlaying your bets is one service that almost all sportsbooks provide. If a sportsbook does not give you the option to parlay your wagers, then it would not be worth it to go there. Thankfully, the South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook allows you to parlay your individual bets into a single wager. This means that you can potentially win much more money than usual. But of course, losing a single bet means that you could lose the entire parlay and walk away with no money. Weigh your options and if you feel confident with your picks, give parlays a try.

Should I Join Xclub For Player Rewards?

It really depends on what you are looking for when you are deciding to join the Xclub rewards card. The Xclub rewards card is part of the Parx brand and the South Philadelphia Turf Club is a part of Parx as well. But the important thing to note is that the Turf Club does not actually have its own casino, so your options to build points are limited. But with horse races and the sportsbook available, there are opportunities to accumulate points while you are at this location. It could be worth checking out if you want to be rewarded for making your bets.

Can I Bet On Horse Races At The South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook?

Normally, a race track likes to keep their racebooks and sportsbooks separate. The reason for this is that horse racing has been legal in the United States for a much longer time than sports betting has been. Horse tracks like to operate in a traditional manner so it is unlikely you will have the opportunity to bet on horse races at the sportsbook at the South Philadelphia Turf Club. But lucky for you, you are at a race track so betting on the ponies will not be inconvenient at all. We highly recommend that you give both a try.