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Review of Sugarhouse Sportsbook Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the most populated city in all of Pennsylvania, and Sugarhouse casino was the first gaming facility to capitalize on that market for legal sports betting. For a while, Philly residents were taking to the highway and crossing state lines to New Jersey just to place a sports wager on all their favorite local teams. That’s become a thing of the past since Sugarhouse opened their sportsbook. Eagles fans, Phillies fans, and Flyers fans have all flocked to sportsbook located in Sugarhouse casino in order to win big while their teams play.

Even though the sportsbook is being held at a temporary location, there is still more than enough room to watch multiple sporting events simultaneously and to pick out the same wagering types you’d find in a Vegas casino. We’ll go over all the amenities Sugarhouse offers its patrons, which wagering types are available right now, and which sports you can expect to bet on. We’ll also discuss some of the future plans for their sportsbook and when exactly you can expect these changes to come.

When Did The Sugarhouse Sportsbook Launch?

Even though the NFL season carries the most sports bets out of any other time of the year, the Sugarhouse sportsbook launched with only a couple of games left in the regular season. Sugarhouse and Rivers Casino are both owned by Rush Street Gaming and have their sportsbooks operated by Kambi. They were both launched in mid-December of 2018 and both offer the same lines. The launch did make it in time for Eagles fans in the area to bet on the team’s short playoff for the 2018 season, however, sports betting in Pennsylvania has continued to grow at the location since then.

Where Is The Sportsbook In Sugarhouse Casino Located?

The permanent location of the Sugarhouse Sportsbook, otherwise known as the BetRivers Sportsbook, is where the Lucky Red Bar used to be in the casino. The sportsbook is 5,700 square foot and there are plenty of amenities for you to enjoy. For example, there is a massive HD video wall that can have 12 games going on at the same time. There is ample seating in the sportsbook so you can bring all of your friends to watch the games and bet. The completed sportsbook will truly give you a Philadelphia sports betting experience. Here are the hours for the sportsbook:

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 1 a.m.
Saturday: 7 a.m. – 1 a.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. – 1 a.m.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Sugarhouse Sportsbook?

In being compliant with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Sugarhouse Casino requires anyone that wants to make a sports bet to be 21 years old or older. As an extra security measure, they also require that everyone on the casino floor must be 21 years old as well. This is also the required age in New Jersey, so you won’t be able to take a short drive to bypass this law. It should prove to be worth the wait. The newly renovated sportsbook is expected to take a while to be built and by the time it is unveiled you may be walking into an even better sports wagering experience.

Does The Sugarhouse Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

The sportsbook inside Sugarhouse offers all the most popular wagering types for all the most prominent American sports. This means that you can find straight bets, point spreads, teasers, and more for sports such as basketball, football, hockey, soccer, boxing and more. You can even parlay these bets across different sports so that you can win big on all the games playing that day. You don’t even have to stick around to watch the game. You can go explore the casino floor and once your done just insert your bet slip into the kiosk and it will let you know if you won. You’ll then have an entire year after that day to collect your winnings.

Mobile Wagering At Sugarhouse Casino Philadelphia

As of right now, the sportsbook offered at Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia does not currently have a mobile wagering platform that will accept bets. Instead, they have a bet slip builder which can be accessed via their website and on your mobile device. You can then physically present this bet slip to a sportsbook writer and they will lock in your choices. It’s worth noting that Sugarhouse does offer a full-service online sportsbook, but it is only legal to use if you’re inside New Jersey state lines. For the time it takes to travel there, place an online bet and come back, you may as well have just driven to the land-based facility in Philadelphia.

Live Betting At The Sugarhouse Casino Sportsbook

Those that are experienced sports bettors know that the real action is to be had with in-game wagering, otherwise known as live betting. Having this feature means that the opportunities to profit on a game don’t end when the match begins. Instead, you can make bets on a game as it is playing out in real time. This gives you a chance to feel out which side the momentum is on, which players are having a good game, and what kind of game plan the coaches are running. Having this information allows you to make smarter bets, and you can view these constantly updated odds right from your mobile bet slip builder.

Sugarhouse Sportsbook Philadelphia FAQs

What Are The Ongoing Promotions At Sugarhouse Casino Philadelphia?

The Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia has plenty of promotions that are happening at any given time. But it is always important to remember that many of these promotions do not last forever, so make sure you come back to this page frequently so you can get updated on the latest promotions. For example, throughout the football season, you can take part in the Choose the Champs Promotion. This promotion is perfect for sports bettors. All you have to do is pick the most winners during any given week of football season, and you can potentially earn up to $1,000 in cash. This promotion was practically made for sports bettors and we highly recommend you give it a shot.

Should I Join The Rush Players Club?

It is always worth it to consider joining a casino’s players club and the Rush Players Club is no different. If you are heading to the Sugarhouse Casino to gamble, joining the Rush Players Club could get you some extra benefits that you otherwise could not have taken advantage of. There are three different tiers of cards that you can have depending on how many points you have accumulated and you can get different rewards depending on your card. For example, you can receive free play offers, priority gift pickup, or priority valet parking. These perks are sure to make your gambling experience better, so check out and see if the Rush Players Club is right for you.

Can I Parlay My Bets At The Sugarhouse Sportsbook?

Yes, you have the ability to parlay your bets at the Sugarhouse Philadelphia Sportsbook. When it comes to sports betting, having parlays available is one of the most basic things to get done. If a sportsbook did not allow you to parlay your bets, then they are probably not worth considering. Thankfully, the Sugarhouse Sportsbook in Philadelphia does allow for you to parlay your bets. This means that you can tie your individual bets together into a single wager and win more cash. Of course, losing a single bet means you lose the entire parlay and walk away with nothing. We definitely recommend you give parlays a try if you are feeling confident in your picks.