One bettor won $100K for a $10 parlay bet

  • A $10 parlay bet for 11 games won big for one sports bettor in New Jersey.
  • The winner of the 11-leg wager took home $152,341,28 after winning with BetMGM.

NEW YORK – Every sports bettor in the world would love to hit every leg of their parlay and that’s exactly what happened for one man who made an 11-team parlay bet for $10 on mostly college football events and walked away with $152,341.28 in winnings.

That’s a pretty nice return on his investment that looked to be a Hail Mary shot to win.

Rather than go all moneylines as many parlay bettors do, he mixed it up with the bets he placed to make up this winning combination.

What Bets Were Placed For The Winning Parlay?

The $10 bet was comprised of these eleven separate games along with the bet type he chose for each. The real magic, as if hitting each game wasn’t enough, came from picking a number of underdog teams to win. Underdogs pay out more.

Games this past weekend had plenty of unexpected outcomes which worked out immensely in favor of this fortunate sports bettor but not so much for BetMGM that took the wager. The bet was placed in New Jersey with these numbers.

  1. Georgia Tech to win – Moneyline (+375, beat Florida State 16-13)
  2. Arkansas State to win – Moneyline (+450, beat Kansas State 35-31)
  3. Charlotte-Appalachian State Under 59½ (Appalachian State, 35-20)
  4. Syracuse-North Carolina Under 65½ (North Carolina, 31-6)
  5. UL Lafayette-Iowa State Under 56½ (UL Lafayette, 31-14)
  6. UL Monroe-Army Under 53½ (Army, 37-7)
  7. Duke +20½ (lost to Notre Dame 27-13)
  8. Texas-San Antonio UTSA to win – Moneyline (+200, beat Texas State 51-48 in double overtime)
  9. Coastal Carolina-Kansas, Coastal Carolina to win – Moneyline (+155, beat Kansas 38-23)
  10. New York Yankees to win – Moneyline (-180, beat Baltimore Orioles 2-1 in 10 innings.)
  11. Houston Rockets-Los Angeles Lakers Under 215½ (Lakers, 119-96)

Are Parlays The Way To Go?

Parlay bets are incredibly appealing, especially when hearing stories such as this one. And then there was the “Parlay Patz” of last year that made himself a millionaire in less than two months from straight moneyline parlay wagers.

What makes these bets so attractive is putting in something like $10 and having the possibility of a return of six-figures. It’s the lottery of all sports betting, investing a little at the chance for a lot.

But does everyone who plays the lottery win? No. However, that doesn’t stop them from playing because people do win.

And while the parlay bet is called the “suckers bet” in many gambling circles, this isn’t always the case. When that parlay “lottery” hits, it hits big, which is why it will remain a very popular wager to place for sports bettors everywhere.

Sportsbooks will be seeing plenty of college football parlay bets to come this season and more wins to payout to the lucky few.

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