Donald Trump and Joe Biden

  • Racism has the shortest odds at +150 to be the first thing said by Joe Biden Or Donald Trump.
  • Biden is favored at -130 to take the first drink of water.
  • Sports bettors are betting against Trump wearing a mask.

CLEVELAND – The first Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic Dominee VP Joe Biden has bettors taking action at online sportsbooks.

There are several prop bets that are garnering a lot of attention, including “will Trump wear a mask” and “who will take the first drink of water.”

With the variety of situations taking place this year, sports bettors are also taking action on what will be discussed first, whether it be racism, the coronavirus, or President Trump only paying $750 in taxes. This debate is gearing up to be a massive night for presidential betting.

The Showdown Begins

One of the big Presidential Debate Prop Bets that is garnering attention at online sportsbooks is the first topic that will be debated on. Sports bettors are leaning towards Trump and Biden’s records being debated first.

Which Topic Will Be Debated First Odds?

  • Trump’s And Biden’s Records +160
  • Coronavirus Pandemic +275
  • Supreme Court +300
  • Election Integrity +400
  • Economy +550
  • Race and Violence +575

Both candidates have criticized one another in the media throughout their respective presidential campaigns.

Biden has called Trump out on the current economic crisis, while Trump has made a note to criticize Biden’s 30 plus year career as a politician. It makes sense why sports bettors are leaning in that direction.

The coronavirus pandemic, however, presents good longshot odds for sports bettors to lean towards as many Americans are still struggling with the effects of the virus. In addition, race and violence is a major topic that could also feasibly lead the debate.

Another betting line that is garnering a lot of attention at legal sports betting sites is what will be said first by Biden or Trump.

What will be said first by Biden or Trump?

  • Racism +150
  • Protest +200
  • Violence +300
  • Police +300
  • Black Lives Matter +500

Racism is heavily favored, which is not surprising as the current state of division in the country has been one of the main political topics being used by both parties heading into the debate.

Thusly, Protest, Violence, and Black Lives Matter are all possible longshot wagers that could turn a massive profit leading into the debate. The likelihood of any of these options being mentioned first is high, making this betting line a true pick-em.

The Presidential Debate is also bringing in several other prop bets, including who will take the first sip water, Over/Under on the amount of non-facts each candidate will say, and will either candidate were a mask.

Odds For Who Will Take First Drink Of Water?

  • Biden -130
  • Trump -110

Odds For How Many Non-Facts Will Biden Say?

  • Over 1.5 non-facts -135
  • Under 1.5 non-facts -105

How Many Non-Facts Will Trump Say?

  • Over 5.5 non-facts -650
  • Under 5.5 non-facts +375

Tuesdays Presidential Debate hosted by Chris Wallace will begin at 9 p.m. EST and will be broadcasted by ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Fox Business, C-Span, and MSNBC. Presidential Election bettors will have a bevy of options at legal sports betting sites leading up to the start of the event.

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