Joe Biden

  • Joe Biden has -180 odds and is the favorite to win the US election this fall.

WASHINGTONJoe Biden’s is favorited to win and his odds for the presidency have taken a leap across all top online sportsbooks.

In the past month, Biden’s odds have significantly shortened in the presidential race. Some oddsmakers had him at +110 at the start of June.

Not only a month later, Biden became an outright favorite for political bettors and now is nearing 1-2 status.

Odds to Win the Presidential Election

  • Joe Biden -180
  • Donald Trump +150
  • Mike Pence +3300

Biden could currently be benefiting from some of the mistakes of Donald Trump that may have drawn Americans away from the current Commander and Chief.

As the country suffers from the effects of the deadly coronavirus, Biden and other Americans have found fault in the way the President has handled the pandemic.

“Month after month, as other leaders in other countries took the necessary steps to get the virus under control, Donald Trump failed us,” said Joe Biden in a speech in Wilmington, Delaware. “Month after month, as many of us urged him to step up and do his job, he failed us.”

Most recently, on June 20, the president held a rally where he was quoted saying “ Slow the testing down” in regards to COVID-19 testing around the country.

This caused push back by even members of his party and that could have been contributed to legal sports betting sites have poster higher odds for Biden.

The President has recently been criticized for fanning the flames rather than putting the fire out of the racial uproar around the country.

Joe Biden has taken multiple chances to urge citizens to realize that he can bring the change America needs to fight systemic racism.

“It’s a wake-up call for our nation. For all of us,” said Biden in a speech. “When peaceful protestors are dispersed by the order of the President from the doorstep of the people’s house, the White House – using tear gas and flash grenades – in order to stage a photo op — a photo op! — in one of the most historic churches in the country, or at least Washington, D.C. – we can be forgiven for believing that the president is more interested in power than in principle.”

During this Presidential campaign, the country has faced unprecedented circumstances but Joe Biden has been able to use it to expose the current White House.

As November creeps up, the 2020 Presidental odds seem to be exponentially growing in favor of the former Vice President.

It will sure to be more interesting situations contribute to the fate of the odds to who will work in the White House for the next four years.

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