Billy Walters

  • Billy Walters has filed a trademark on a new sports handicapping system.
  • Walters has served time for insider trading in the past.

LAS VEGAS – Don’t call it a comeback, but Billy Walters is returning to the sports betting scene. Walters trademarked a name for his new sports handicapping service, “The Billy Walters Sports Handicapping System.”

What Is The Billy Walters Sports Handicapping System?

Walters is looking to use his extensive knowledge in the sports betting industry to help both new and seasoned sports bettors understand where the value lies on different odds while using real statistics and data analytics. This will help his following bet on the best possible odds for a potential profit.

Walters is no stranger to the handicapping space at all though as this will be his second time around with this type of project. Within the 1980s, Walter had another project called the “Computer Group” that was of a similar service and even went on a 30-year profitable run.

All in all, his services will be formed into a downloadable application for smart devices and all of his handicapping information can be found on the platform.

Who Is Billy Walters?

Walters comes from a gambling family and even started at an early age and is considered one of the most successful sports gamblers in recent times. He was once worth over $100 million which came off of averaging around an estimated $15 million per year.

Something that he is most famously known for though is spending five years in federal prison after being found guilty of insider trading. He was also pardoned by former President of the United States, Donald Trump, during his final days as the president.

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