Gregory Emmett Paloian charged with illegally operating a sportsbook

  • A Chicago man has once again been charged with illegally operating a sportsbook in Illinois.
  • Gregory Emmett Paloian has prior convictions of illegal sports betting operations.
  • Paloian has operated his sports betting operations in Elmwood Park, Chicago, and Melrose Park.

CHICAGO – On the darker side of sports betting, a convicted Chicago man, Gregory Emmett Paloian, has once again been charged with illegally running a sports betting operation in Illinois.

The charges show that the Paloian, 66, has been allegedly running the gambling operation illegally since 2015. Paloian has long-standing ties with the Chicago Outfit.

Prosecutors are seeking $247,000 in forfeited assets from Paloian, including a 2017 Audi. Paloian’s lawyer, Joseph Urgo, declined to comment to the media.

Palion In Hot Water

With the legal sports betting in Illinois market starting to boom, it is understandable that officials want to crack down on all illegal betting operations in the state.

According to court records, Paloian has a long criminal history. The defendant has connections to the mob and other known criminal figures in Chicago.

This includes a partnership with convicted felon John Quarters Boyle who was involved and pled guilty in main and tax fraud in the early 2000s.

Paloian’s rap sheet goes all the way back to the 1980s where he was convicted of extending juice loans to gamblers. In 1995 the defendant was arrested by Chicago police for writing down wagers at a basketball facility.

The defendant was once again charged and pled guilty to racketeering charges. This was for running an illegal gambling ring with the mob. It is said the operation took in millions over the course of two decades.

Paloian’s current charges claim his operation has been going on in Chicago, Elmwood Park, and Melrose Park. His operation is said to have been going on for over four years before being officially charged.

The long time convicted illegal bookmaker is expected to plead guilty to these charges, as he has done in the past when facing similar charges.

He was sentenced to 3 ½ years in 2004, and that was the last time he was convicted of a crime prior to these new allegations.

Prosecutors are looking to shut down the alleged illegal gambling operation and maintain the integrity of the legal sports betting operation in Illinois. There is no time table for when the official court case will occur.

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