Bet on Counter-Strike at DraftKings.

  • Esports betting has seen a rise in popularity due to traditional sports being not being available.
  • DraftKings has added the eSport Counter-Strike to its DFS betting options.
  • Bettors will be able to assemble a team of five Counter-Strike Players across the professional eSports leagues.

LAS VEGAS  РThe coronavirus pandemic has shifted the entire sports world sending some of the biggest events to postponements and cancellations across the globe. As sports fans wait for the return of their favorite teams to action, many people and sports leagues have turned to eSports to still keep fans interested despite the delay. This has led to a boom in bets on eSports and a rise in the popularity of alternative sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel have already picked up on the latest trends in the betting world and have begun to offer DFS odds on various eSports.

Among the eSports to place DFS bets on, DraftKings has added Counter-Strike to its wide ranging betting menu. The multiplayer online game joins League of Legends as the only two video games that can be bet on at DFS providers.

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular eSports games and is a multiplayer game that features one team trying to attack a location while the opposite team tries to stop the attack.

Playing DFS Counter-Strike

Playing DFS Counter-Strike is similar to playing all other formats of DFS. Bettors pick five players across a pool of sanctioned Counter-Strike professional leagues and deem one of the selected players the captain which can give that player a bonus depending on their performance.

After all the competitions are completed, the scores are added up and whichever team has accumulated the most points is the winner. Some DFS contests at DraftKings have seen a purse as high as $50,000 with first place taking home the grand prize of $10,000.

The next DFS Counter-Strike will be available for play on Monday when Gen G takes on HAVU gaming.

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