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  • A mysterious plaintiff accuses DraftKings of aiding an extortion plot orchestrated by a notorious sports betting figure, alleging a breach of trust and personal safety.
  • Claims of leaked personal data and a hacked account intensify a lawsuit seeking over $1 million in damages from DraftKings, setting the stage for a legal showdown in New York’s courts.

NEW YORK – In a dramatic legal saga unfolding in New York, an anonymous plaintiff, known only as John Doe, has filed a lawsuit accusing DraftKings Sportsbook of orchestrating an extortion attempt against him.

Allegedly, it was at the behest of one of the most famous sports bettors Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos.

The complaint details how John Doe was confronted by a masked assailant outside his Long Island City apartment in March 2023, demanding a staggering $500,000 purportedly owed to Kyrollos. Despite having no prior dealings with “Spanky” Kyrollos beyond a couple of phone calls, Doe asserts that the sports betting influencer obtained his personal information, including his address, through channels at DraftKings.

According to Doe, he had sought protection from DraftKings VIP host Joe Di Chiaro after Kyrollos allegedly threatened him in February 2023, claiming inside connections within the company who could provide sensitive information if payment was not made. Despite assurances from Di Chiaro about bolstering security measures, Doe claims DraftKings failed to prevent the subsequent assault and continued breach of his privacy.

Adding to the intrigue, Doe alleges that his DraftKings account was later hacked, with the primary email address changed without his authorization. He contends that DraftKings was uncooperative in investigating the incident, suggesting complicity in facilitating Kyrollos’s actions.

DraftKings’ Reponse

In response to these explosive accusations, DraftKings has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, labeling Doe’s claims as “implausible and baseless.” The company argues that it cannot be held responsible for criminal acts committed by individuals outside the scope of their employment. DraftKings further seeks to dismiss the New York sportsbook case, challenging Doe’s ability to proceed anonymously and pressing for full disclosure of his identity.

As the legal battle intensifies in the Eastern New York District Court, Doe is pursuing damages exceeding $1 million for emotional distress and negligence, aiming to hold DraftKings accountable for the alleged breach of trust and security failure that have profoundly impacted his life.

Neither DraftKings nor Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos has publicly commented on the ongoing litigation, leaving the courtroom drama to unfold amidst allegations of corporate complicity and personal vendettas in the high-stakes world of legal sports betting.

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