Luis Robles

  • Inter Miami’s goalkeeper Luis Robles has invested into esports bookmaker Luckbox.
  • Luckbox is taking steps into becoming a publicly-traded company.
  • With the coronavirus shutting down the MLS, Robles expressed how FIFA has allowed players to stay competitive and connect with fans.

MIAMI – The esports world has just gotten a major endorsement with Inter Miami’s star goalkeeper Luis Robles investing in esports bookmaker Luckbox.

Luckbox is taking steps into becoming a publicly-traded company and Robles investment is one of many major moves the company is making.

The actual financial numbers of the investment have not been disclosed to the public as of yet, but both Robles and Luckbox CEP Quentin Martin have expressed excitement for the future of the esports industry.

With sports leagues being shut down due to the coronavirus lockdowns, esports has been extremely popular in these times. Robles feels that because of this, now is the best time to invest in esports.

MLS Meets Esports

The MLS season making a return is not the only thing that has sports bettors clambering in the soccer world.

With Luis Robles investment into Luckbox, the already growing esports betting scene is getting that much larger.

“It’s well documented that esports is super-hot right now and many famous names from the world of sports and entertainment have recognized this by backing a host of projects,” said Quentin Martin, Luckbox CEO. “We’ve been live in 100 countries for just over a year now, so we’re still a very young company. To have the support of someone as highly respected as Luis is clearly a massive boost for our company.”

The record-holding MLS goalkeeper has explained how especially during these coronavirus shutdowns, esports have been a perfect hub for investment.

“With what’s going on in the world right now, a lot of the way we’ve been able to maintain a connection with our fanbase, is through FIFA – using FIFA as an avenue through which players can still compete, while entertaining and engaging fans,” said Robles. “I love investing, I love diversifying my portfolio and looking at different decks and wishing I could get involved and Luckbox has given me a great opportunity to do that.”

Legal sports betting sites have been hosting betting lines for esports throughout the pandemic.

However, with the financial support and investments behind Luckbox, there are sure to be more betting lines on the horizon.

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