• Odds trackers and more will be integrated into Devils and Knicks games.
  • Two new shows called “Inside the Lines” and “Line to Line” will broadcast before the games.
  • All of this will be done on MSG broadcasts of the games.

NEW YORK – FanDuel announced on Monday that they have joined with MSG Networks for a unique partnership.
In a press release, FanDuel said that they can integrate odds and more into games showing on MSG Networks. This in-game integration will be done on the New Jersey Devils and New York Knicks games.

The partnership will allow various integrations while the game is happening and at halftime. Live updates on betting odds and a betting odds ticker are some of the integration expected to happen. These odds and updates will happen during intermissions.

There is more that will happen thanks to this partnership as well. Various branded content and commercials are also a part of this new deal. These commercials will likely have updated odds and more on the game that is being broadcasted.

“Joining forces with MSG Networks allows us to further enhance the viewing and sports betting experience for fans, giving them a new way to watch sports. By partnering with MSG Networks, we are leading the charge in how sports gaming operators integrate with broadcasting, ultimately transforming the experience for sports fans,” said Mike Raffensperger, chief marketing officer of FanDuel.

Special shows are also in development to celebrate the new partnership between FanDuel and MSG Networks. Before every Knicks game, there is going to be a five-minute show called Inside the Lines. In this show, broadcasters will discuss with viewers the landscape for NBA betting.

A similar show is also in development for NHL betting. The new NHL betting show is called Line to Line. The show only lasts one minute and is set to air before the start of Devils games. The show will discuss odds on various NHL matches including Devils games.

“We are excited to partner with FanDuel to bring our fans timely content and information that provides a deeper way to engage with our game coverage,” said Kevin Marotta, Vice President of MSG Networks.

With this partnership, sports betting and sports broadcasts will be more integrated than ever before. As more states allow for legal sports betting to happen, sports betting will become further integrated into the games. Similar partnerships are expected in the near future.

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