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  • FanDuel has agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to the Associated Press (AP) in order to be the exclusive odds provider of the site.
  • Sports betting articles written by the AP will cite FanDuel as the source for the odds mentioned.
  • The AP will still maintain full editorial control over the sports betting articles published on their site.

NEW YORK – On Tuesday, FanDuel and the Associated Press announced that they will partner in a landmark multi-year deal.

As part of the deal, FanDuel will be paying the AP an undisclosed amount to be the sole odds provider for betting content published by the 175-year-old independent news organization.

“We want more context in our reporting,” says Barry Bedlan, AP’s global director of text and new markets products. “That’s ultimately what this is about.”

FanDuel odds will be cited in game previews, features, and other sports-related stories published by the site. To add to this, the AP will also incorporate FanDuel widgets through the sports pages of and FanDuel content will also be distributed through the AP Wire.

“As sports betting becomes more commonplace, our customers are increasingly asking for this kind of information,” said Bedlan. “It makes sense to work with one of the largest, reputable sportsbooks in the United States to provide a consistent, credible reference point for AP and its customers.”

This Isn’t As Unprecedented As It Seems

In the years following the repeal of PASPA in 2018, the lines between legal sports betting and media have continuously blurred.

Sports news outlets such as ESPN have integrated sports betting programs such as the Daily Wager into their lineup. They now also feature odds provided by Caesars Sportsbook on ESPN News broadcasts.

FOX Sports took it a step further by launching their own sports betting platform FOX BET. Odds from the app are featured in FOX’s television broadcasts as well as their digital platforms.

Similar to FanDuel’s deal with the AP, BetMGM also landed a deal with The Athletic. BetMGM odds are now the only ones contractually allowed to be referenced in articles published by The Athletic. BetMGM has also signed a content partnership with Yahoo Sports.

What Makes This Deal Different?

There are two main factors that separate FanDuel’s relationship with the AP than some of their competitors.

The first key point echoed throughout the announcement is that the AP will still have editorial control over what it publishes. The second is that any links given to FanDuel by the AP will be directed to FanDuel’s homepage and not betting pages.

The AP noted that they are directly avoiding any sort of affiliate marketing relationship.

But the biggest factor that separates this deal from others is that the AP is not just a sports media company but rather a general news source for Americans across the country.

While the deal shouldn’t affect the type of content published by the AP, it is still just another example of how sports betting sites are pushing the bounds on how they are integrated in Americans’ daily life.

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