NFL is looking for a new Vice President For Sports Betting.

  • The NFL is now accepting sports betting by heading up a department within their organization specifically for the hobby.
  • Job listings for a Vice President, as well as a Brand Ambassador, are listed for sports wagering at the NFL headquarters.
  • Super Bowl Sunday saw billions in bets for that one game alone and now the league will be a part of the action.

NEW YORK – Sports betting has become so mainstream that the NFL is looking to hire a Vice President to head up their gambling department.

This is a day that many associated with the league would’ve never seen coming. Throughout its history, the NFL has spoken out against wagering on their games. Never would fans have imagined that a department specifically tailored to betting would be part of the NFL repertoire.

The Big Questions

Why is the NFL hiring a Vice President for sports betting? Almost half of the nation has legalized the pastime which opened the eyes of the league to embrace the changing times. For the most part, the job would be to have someone on top of all of the NFL’s wagering initiatives.

Throughout the process of opening this department, the league has wanted to make it crystal clear that the integrity of the game remains intact.

In fact, protecting the integrity of the  NFL is paramount for whoever is hired for this position. They will be responsible for developing guidelines for sports betting within the league and stay informed of all new platforms occurring within the market. Creativity among initiatives as well as fan engagement on a global scale is also part of the responsibilities for the job listing.

A Brand Director for Sports Betting is also listed by the league. This just shows how much the NFL is opening up to legal wagering on the game.

The Vice President position will help the league find new ways to incorporate the NFL into products made for gaming purposes. Basically, the NFL will now finally benefit from sports betting that has been profiting off of their matches for years.

NFL Wagers

It’s no secret that the NFL is the most bet on sport in the nation. Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest wagering day of the year for bookmakers. This last Super Bowl Sunday, Nevada saw $154.7 million bet on that one game in that one state.

The American Gaming Association reported an estimated $6.8 billion placed on the Super Bowl throughout the country.

With as much money being thrown around during the regular football season and not just that one game, it’s a good thing for the league that the NFL will now stand to profit from it. Football is a very big deal nationwide.

As more states continue to make wagering on sporting matches legal, the NFL is finally getting in on the market with huge potential for financial gains.

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