The 2022 Masters

  • Live betting Masters odds allow you to bet on the tournament as it is going on.
  • Jon Rahm opened the Masters odds as the favorite at +1500.

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The 2022 Masters Tournament is live as of Thursday morning and there are still plenty of betting opportunities to get in on. Those betting opportunities though come through live betting odds where the odds are constantly on the move.

The way live betting works on legal online sportsbooks, specifically for the Masters, is similar to betting on normal futures odds, but the odds might have shifted. What causes the odds to shift are the player performances.

If a player is performing better than expected, their Masters odds might shift shorter than where they originally opened. If a player that was favored is performing poorly, their odds could see a jump back at a longer position.

When looking to take advantage of live betting odds on the Masters, there are futures odds in addition to round-by-round leaders.

Live betting odds can be found on legal online betting sites such as Bovada and BetOnline, who constantly shift their odds.

Jon Rahm Live Betting Odds

Looking at Jon Rahm as an example, he opened up the Masters as the betting favorite at +1200. As the tournament has been going on though, Rahm has seen his odds shift slightly forward to +1125. This is just a small example of how Rahm’s odds could shift as he plays. His odds could shift up to +500 if he plays well or even down to +5000 if he struggles.

For those that have followed Rahm though, the likely scenario will be that his odds shorten meaning right now is the best time to get in on them before they do so.

Since 2018, Rahm has finished inside of the top-10 in positioning for the Masters. Being that he has never won the Masters, but has come close each year, now could be the time that he cashes in on his odds.

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