Residents from other states are heading towards sportsbooks in Indiana to wager on Super Bowl 54.

  • The Caesars Southern Indiana casino is preparing for Super Bowl betting at their sports lounge ‘The Book’.
  • The casino’s location makes it a prime spot for Super Bowl betting from both Indiana and Kentucky residents.
  • Sports betting has not been regulated in Kentucky as of yet.

ELIZABETH, Ind. – Indiana residents are in for a treat come Super Bowl Sunday as Caesars Southern Indiana has begun preparations for the big day.

This is the first Super Bowl since Indiana regulated sports betting and Caesars is expecting a huge crowd of both residents and tourists alike. Thanks to the location of the casino, Kentucky residents won’t have to travel too far in order to participate in live sports betting during the Super Bowl.

The Book Is Built For Super Bowl LIV

With Super Bowl 54 incoming, Caesars Southern Indiana has pulled no punches in making their sports lounge ‘The Book’ the perfect place for sports bettors to wager.

The book currently houses 65 unique seats, 27 86-inch televisions and several betting kiosks with the plan to add two more before the big game.

The sportsbook will host up to 150 different lines for patrons to wager on. This includes which team will score first, who will win the coin toss, what player will score the last touchdown, and who will win the game.

Currently, about $250,000 has been wagered at Caesars casinos and they are expecting that number to be between one and two million by Super Bowl kick-off.

Jimmy Allen, manager of the sportsbook and poker, believes both Caesars and the state of Indiana are reaping the benefits of legalized sports betting. He attests that if sports betting was not regulated in Indiana, a lot of money would be leaving the state.

“It’d be going to offshore accounts or to a state it was legal in,” said Allen when speaking on the issue.

There is truth in Allen’s statements as Indiana stands to not only benefit from their own residents but tourists from neighboring Kentucky as well.

Kentucky Residents Traveling For Super Bowl Betting

Caesars Southern Indiana is located right at the border of Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. And since Kentucky has yet to regulate sports betting within their state, it is likely that residents would take the short trip over to Indiana during and before Super Bowl Sunday.

Kentucky has made some progress with regulating sports betting as the KY HB 137 sports betting bill has advanced to the house floor and is awaiting approval.

It seems Kentucky is eager to get their foot in on sports betting as the House Committee on Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations voted unanimously in favor of the bill.

Unfortunately, the bill won’t be passed in time to create sports betting regulations before the Super Bowl so Kentucky will miss out on all the potential revenue from such a massive event in sports.

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