LaLiga is looking to expand in to the American market with the help of PointsBet.

  • LaLiga North America will now be bringing sports bettors and soccer fans in the US a great experience with Spanish soccer and sports betting.
  • The two companies have partnered for two years to expand the growing popularity of the game in the United States.
  • Currently, the next two days of LaLiga games will be played behind closed doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak which could have an effect on the odds.

NEW YORK – PointsBet has become the official betting partner of LaLiga North America for the next two seasons.

The new partnership was announced on Wednesday which will allow PointsBet to help LaLiga grow its North American fanbase. The goal is to get fans of one of the world’s greatest soccer leagues more immersed in the game with easier access to all things soccer-related through the PointsBet platform in English.

The Partnership

Both LaLiga North America and PointsBet are thrilled to work together to bring soccer fans the very best there is to offer.

“The PointsBet team and LaLiga North America are strategically aligned in presenting fans with the best, fastest and most engaging experience possible,” said Johnny Aitken, CEO of PointsBet USA.

“As an operator that’s in the rare position of owning our technology end-to-end, we are able to move fast and innovate unique features for our customers that enhance their betting, such as being the only sportsbook with deep Spanish language functionality across our entire product so that the premium PointsBet quality is never lost in translation.”

There will no longer be any language barriers for non-Spanish speakers as PointsBet will be able to get the information to fans in English. This is a huge plus in furthering fan engagement for North America.

With North American soccer fans getting accustomed to betting on the MLS, this partnership helps to open the door for increased soccer betting.

“Soccer is growing at a very fast pace in the US, and the role that LaLiga plays in that growth is important for fans and for brands in the region,” said Boris Gartner, CEO of LaLiga North America. “We are excited to grow with PointsBet in the market and enhance fan experience by bringing LaLiga closer to the fervent audience that exists in the US.”

PointsBet will have their own space within the LaLiga website beginning in the Spring. It will offer a variety of content, game predictions and other data for fans that want to bet on the games.

While the specific terms of the deal are not known, both LaLiga North America and PointsBet will work with one another to get the most official statistics, information, and other data out there for fans of the game and sports bettors that will now become fans.

At the present time, LaLiga has decided to play its next two days of matchups privately without any fans due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Spain has seen 49 deaths from COVID-19 and over 2,182 people have tested positive for the illness. The closed-door policy is to help in keeping the virus from spreading. Dermot Corrigan, a Madrid-based soccer reporter tweeted about the banned games.

Playing without fans in the stands could hinder the outcome of the matchups when it comes to betting on them. The underdogs may have an edge since homefield crowds won’t play a factor in the game. Mobile sportsbooks like PointsBet may factor that into their predictions now that they are the official partner of LaLiga North America.

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