Mark Cuban, Andrew Cuomo, Michelle Obama, and Michel Bloomberg

  • Sportsbooks have a list of potential winners for the 2024 US Presidential Election up for bettors to wager on.
  • The biggest longshot for a 2024 Presidential win is Elon Musk (+7500).

WASHINGTON – As the 2020 Presidential Election lingers on, talks of possible longshot winners for the 2024 election have led to betting lines being posted on sportsbooks. There are frontrunners like Joe Biden (+100) and Kamala Harris (+350) but what about the big underdogs?

Not that long ago, Biden was considered a big underdog himself prior to the start of his campaign.

This means that these potential candidates have an actual chance to win it in 2024 if they chose to run and platforms like MyBookie have listed their odds to win the 2024 Presidential Election.

The Longshots Of 2024

Four out of the top five individuals listed on legal sports betting sites were all campaigning for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 Presidential Election, making another try for 2024 a good possibility. But the names up for betting with less of a chance of winning are big well-known names with even bigger odds.

Michelle Obama Odds

First on the board is former First Lady Michelle Obama (+1000). Obama was and remains well-liked among the American public and could follow in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton. Each of these women served as First Lady to their President husbands and Hillary went on to make a run for the presidency herself in 2016 like Michelle could in 2024. However, in an interview she had with Conan Obrien in 2019 she hinted that she wouldn’t run for president because she wanted to be out of the spotlight. She’d have to have a real change of heart to feel inclined to even run.

Could Cuomo Do It?

After Obama is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (+1200). Cuomo has become a well-known fixture in the news since the outbreak of COVID-19. His daily news broadcasts to the people with updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic and the actions being taken by him and his government skyrocketed him into the good graces of Americans everywhere. This has made him a prime candidate should he choose to run in the 2024 Presidential Election. Polls already indicate that Democrats like Cuomo and would like to see him on the 2024 ballot if Biden isn’t on there.

Will Bloomberg Drop Another Billion?

Former Mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg (+3000), had a stint in the 2020 Presidential Election when he decided to campaign for a moment. The billionaire could try again in 2024 but he’d be on the cusp of 83 if he were elected by the time he was sworn in and looking toward 90 by the end of his term. His age is likely to be a factor in why he is near the bottom of the list of longshot candidates.

Any Love For The Cubes?

The famous businessman Mark Cuban (+5000) has been a name that’s often rumored to be a potential candidate for the presidency, however, the billionaire has never once entered any political race. While he has his hand in everything from sports to entertainment to investing in different areas of business, politics may not be something his family is interested in. In June, Cuban hinted at a 2020 presidential run, but told CNN that the idea was ultimately shut down because his family voted it down. Perhaps in a couple of years, his family may have a change of heart, but that is part of the gamble.

Elon Musk, The Ultimate Longshot

Making the bottom of the board for betting on the 2024 Presidential Election winner is engineer Elon Musk (+7500). Musk is known for Tesla and his obsession with space travel, investing tons of money to get people into space one day.

He too is a billionaire which seems like a trend for possible candidates because three out of the five longshots for 2024 are billionaires. Musk has never actively spoken in favor of a political run, often describing himself as half Republican and half Democrat, agreeing with certain views from each side. So, if he were to run, what party would he be on the side of? It’s too early to tell and public perception of him as a possible candidate may not fair as well as some of the other longshot candidates.

The Outlook For The 2024 US Presidency

Candidates for the 2024 Presidential Election and their announcements are a few years off.

However, the bets on these potential candidates are happening now. Should any of them decide to run and actually win it, the payouts for bettors that wagered on them with the current odds would be a nice chunk of change.

Gamblers know to never underestimate a longshot, especially when a small investment can turn into a big profit if they show up to play like any one of these people could do for the 2024 US Presidency.

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