Steelers vs Cowboys

  • The comeback win by the Steelers on Sunday was the safe bet on a seven-game parlay that ended up cashing out almost $500,000.
  • The risky bets on the parlay were beating on the four-touchdown underdog Maryland and the 17-point underdog Liberty who both pulled off the upset.
  • Sportsbook had the Steelers as a 14 point favorite and the team had to depend on a fourth-quarter comeback to seal the victory.

LAS VEGASThe Pittsburgh Steelers’ comeback win against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday was the saving grace of a parlay that won two huge college football upsets and had a payout of almost half a million dollars.

The sports bettor placed $4,000 on the seven-team money line parlay on Friday night at the William Hill sportsbook in the Venetian Hotel and Casino with the odds of outright winning the parlay sitting a 110-1.

The reason the odds were so long was because the parlay included the four-touchdown underdog Maryland beating Penn State and the 17-point underdog Liberty beating Virginia Tech.

Both upsets surprisingly happened with Maryland knocking off Penn State 35-19 in one of the biggest point-spread upsets in Big Ten history. The Liberty defeated Virginia Tech 38-35 with a gaming-winning field goal at the end of regulation.

After such amazing wins in the parlay, the rest of the bettor’s picks seemed very conservative by picking the favorites of each of the other college football match ups including Ohio State, Appalachian State, Oklahoma, and Iowa State.

In the one NFL game on the parlay, picking the Steelers to win the game was also a very safe bet seeing that legal sports betting platforms had the team as a 14-point favorite over the struggling Cowboys.

Pittsburgh has one of the largest point spreads of their season on this game but the game did not go the way it was predicted as the team tailed the Dallas Cowboys 13-9 at halftime.

NFL bettors were shocked when the game seemed to be slipping away from the Steelers and this parlay ticket. Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was examined for a knee injury but was able to lead his team back from a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter to complete the comeback and win the parlay.

The win preserved the perfect season for the Steelers and won the lucky Las Vegas bettor a payout of $438,643.40.

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