Sports betting hangs in the balance as New York works out daily fantasy.

  • New York courts declared that daily fantasy sports were games of chance and banned them.
  • The decision to legalize mobile sports betting could be influenced.
  • Mobile sports betting could help with $6 billion deficit the state of New York faces.

ALBANY, N.Y. – Last week’s court decision about daily fantasy sports (DFS) in New York could hamper efforts to legalize mobile sports betting.

New York faces a $6 billion deficit and needs to create new tax revenues to lower the deficit. However, with DFS now considered unconstitutional, the task to legalize mobile sports betting could become more difficult.

The Court Ruling

In 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that legalized DFS in New York. Lawmakers and Gov. Cuomo declared that DFS was not a game of chance and it was a game of skill.

The courts ultimately disagreed with the decision. Due to player injuries and other potential random elements, DFS is considered to be a game of chance to the courts. Thanks to that, the courts decided that DFS is unconstitutional.

This decision from the courts is a blow to the gaming industry in New York as a whole. Others are beginning to wonder if mobile sports betting in New York has a chance now because of it.

Apples And Oranges

State Senator Joseph Addabbo is the main sponsor of mobile sports betting in New York. He is confident that the court decision on DFS will have no bearing on the potential of mobile wagering.

New York sports betting has already been determined as a game of skill rather than a game of chance. The issue that mobile betting is facing is different compared to DFS.

Sen. Addabbo believes that if sports betting servers are in the casinos, then mobile wagering should be allowed. However, Sen. Addabbo has run into opposition in the past on this issue. Despite this, Sen. Addabbo believes that mobile betting is essential to decreasing the state deficit.

“We do need the revenue. You do not cut yourself out of a $6 billion deficit,” said Sen. Addabbo.

For that reason, Sen. Addabbo will continue to push for mobile sports betting. The New York legislative session is likely to last until summertime. Sen. Addabbo will need the support of Governor Cuomo to bring mobile wagering to New York.

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