American Idol is one of the many entertainment shows bettors are wagering on.

  • Sportsbooks have turned to entertainment betting odds to sustain their businesses and keep their members betting while the sports world is on hiatus.
  • Betting odds for American Idol, West World, Survivor, and other shows are some of the programs that are taking action now.

NEW YORK – With most sports in limbo and people staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sportsbooks have more to offer their bettors in the way of entertainment betting odds.

While all bets themselves are forms of entertainment, these wagers are specifically based on the world of entertainment, like that of television shows. Gamblers have the opportunity to access various bets on some of their favorite things to watch on TV outside of sporting events.

Entertainment Bets

Various sportsbooks have listed different TV show related bets for their members to take part in. These wagers can be found within the entertainment sections of their websites. BetOnline Sportsbook has three different bets listed for American Idol and one listed for Survivor.

American Idol

First Judge To Get Fired Or Leave

  • Lionel Ritchie – (+100)
  • Katy Perry – (+150)
  • Luke Bryan – (+225)

Gender Of Winner

  • Female – (-110)
  • Male – (-110)
  • Transgender – (+1800)

Song Of Finale Performance Season Finale

  • Written by Female – (-110)
  • Written by Male – (-110)
  • Original Song – (+500)


There are fifteen choices when betting on who will win Survivor Season 40. The top five choices, based on bookmaker odds are Tony Vlachos (+125), Michele Fitzgerald (+400), Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (+500), Natalie Anderson (+500), and Sophie Clarke (+600).

Other Wagers

MyBookie Sportsbook has multiple entertainment odds listed for the show Westworld as well as Survivor and many other wagers centered on the entertainment industry. There are music bets, individual celebrity bets, and everything in between.

With most of the major sports leagues suspending their games or even seasons because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has led sportsbooks to become creative in what they offer their players. Many more bets based on the entertainment industry and other unconventional areas will begin to pop up now more than ever.

These online sportsbooks will be covering multiple subjects to continue to keep their members engaged. Not only will this tactic help offer bettors something to wager on, but it will also help to keep the operators of these sites afloat until sports begins to make its way back to the public.

If there is one thing that sports bettors do not need to worry about during this drought is a lack of legal sports betting as it’ll just be a different kind than they’re used to.

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